miercuri, 29 februarie 2012

Chocolate , chocolate , chocolate

Chocolate , chocolate , chocolate .... i just can't get enough of it , you can do so many things with it ... for example cocolate mousse , drinks , chocolate tarts, chocolate truffles  , chocolate cream , chocolate sauce , and so much more  .... can you get enough of it ? ... i seriously think i can't . It's full of flavour and opportunities , it brightens people's lives . It is said that God gave angels wings and he gave us humans chocolate .
Chocolate is immortal , it's been used , it's been tasted , perfected throught so many years . The aztecs were the first to use chocolate , as a drink and it was believed that it was the perfect cure for the soul . Along with it's medicinal purposes , it cured our inner part , our soul .
 It is also believed that every person has it's own brand of chocolate , depending on his personality .... it can be chilli chocolate , mint chocolate , and many more . It just depends on how it reacts on each person .
 Now you're saying ... '' Oh come on stop talking crap about this wizardry with chocolate , it doesen't make sense ! '' ... But it does , have you ever eaten a chocolate and the next day another type and throughout each taste you felt different ? You probably felt more enthusiastic or i don' know maybe more grumpy ( which means that is certainly not your chocolate ) , but you had different types of reactions .
 Chocolate is like wine and coffee , it comes in all sorts of different brands and variety of cocoa beans
 There are four major types of cacao that are cultivated : Criollo , Forastero , Trinitario and Nacional . Each and everyone of these cacao beans are different , the taste , aroma , even in it's attributes . I find this to be interesting ,  i mean just think the smell , the taste , everything is so diverse and this is what i enjoy ... Diversity !

      This looks amazing right ? Yeah you can just sense the cocoa smell as you watch them , this is why i love cooking so much , it's so diverse and it seems endless , you can't get bored . Each day there is something new to discover and you gotta try it ,  just like the cacao beans life can be diverse and full of aroma . 
          Oh and by the way i think now you're wandering , '' What types of cacao beans am i experiencing  when i eat my chocolate .  From what i know i think it's Forastero since they have a higher production of cacao beans , but you can never tell , it's more of a mystery . 
          As we are all pretty much informed about the Mayans  , they were the first to use cacao beans as a ritual beverage , made from the ground cocoa beans mixed with water , black pepper , vanilla and spices . This beverage was shared in their marriage ceremonies and was one of the first links we know about chocolate and romance . 
         As for chocolate being an aphrodisiac , i tried to check for some information , and i found that they did not prove that chocolate is an aphrodisiac yet . 
         Personally i like to believe that chocolate is a symbol of love , forever immortal and full of flavour . 

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