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Tiramisu with a twist

I just love coffee in deserts .... don't you? Especially combined with chocolate and a bit of wine , amazing:X .
 So yeah i know what you're going to say . I know i've missed a lot , i mean 3 days and i apologize for that i was really busy and when i just got home i only had time to make some salads and thats about it . I'm gonna go on salads with a bitt of luck and spare time tommorow , i got a really kick ass salad recepy ... I JUST LOVE IT ! ... but today on this post i was gonna talk about a desert that represents me totally .
 That desert is a tiramisu , but with a twist ! I know the classic tiramisu with the lady fingers mascarpone cream , espresso and dusted cocoa on top . Well i'm not saying the classical ain't good but , we live in a modern day , and it's time we go up on the scale and stop thinking old , and think new . What can we do in order to improve , but still maintain the base of the desert . I really love this tiramisu twist recepy that i'm about to show ... It has chocolate , espresso , wine , orange uhhh so amazing i'm drooling all over the keyboard already (haha) , as a matter of fact i'll just make one after i'm done posting this recepy to you all.
     So let's start with the begining , the ingredients you need are :

- 200 ml of  hot sweetened coffee
- 150 g of good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)
- 2 eggs
- 50 g of caster sugar
- 50 g of butter , diced
- Vin Santo or any other sweet desert wine
- 250 g of mascarpone
- a few fresh coffee beans , bashed up finely
-1 orange
- 100 g of lady fingers or sponge fingers whatever you like to call them

First off you get your coffee ready and just dip in the lady fingers ,  or sponge fingers whatever you like to call them , in the coffee and place them in a bowl . Next ,  time to melt 100 chocolate with a pinch of salt a bit of Vin Santo and 50 g of diced butter ,  on a bowl over a pan with simmering water , remember to styr from time to time . Next step is to make the tiramisu topping cream , so in a bowl separate the egg whites from the egg yolks and add the yolks in another bowl with 50 g of caster sugar and a bit of Vin Santo . Beat the egg yolks until they are pale and fluffy then add the mascarpone cream and mix it well untill it formes some sort of a cream . In the bowl with the egg whites , put a pinch of salt and whisk the whites until they are fluffy and bubbly ( you can check if they are whisked well if you can hold the bowl upside down over your head and they don't fall , if they do well tough luck haha , you needed more whisking ) .Finnaly add the egg whites to the egg yolks and mascarpone and gently fold them in to not break the bubbles . ( try using a spatula and not a whisk for the folding )
 After the chocolate is melted pour it over the lady fingers but be sure to cover them all with the melted chocolate .then pour over the cream you made out of the yolks , whites and mascarpone . After that bash some coffee beans and gently pour some over the cream . After that get a knife and use the remained 50 g of chocolate to just shave some over the cream . I mean thats the thing about chocolate it's not only good but it looks a bit romantic . And finnaly grate some orange zest on top ... and the orange and chocolate is an amazing combo , and just lifts the tiramisu up ( by the way tiramisu in italian means '' pick me up '' , and i'm sure if you try this recepy you won't stop picking it up to your mouth every second :D ) .
  This is how it looks like :
   I just love this recepy , tiramisu with a twist , ... i mean i love this thing about cooking , you can lift pourly made dishes up with a few twists and the impact is so large and you can feel the difference between a classic tiramisu and this chocolatey tiramisu . So now that i've shared with you guys how i love to eat my tiramisu , i hope you'll give it a try , i'm sure you won't regret it ... it will blow you away.
  This tiramisu recepy belongs to my all time favorite chef  Jamie Oliver , so give it a go , taste your way to this lovely recepy . So thats about it for today guys enjoy while i'm about to make this recepy myself since i've been saying  : ''I'm drooling all over the keyboardddddddddddddd '' ...

    Have a lovely night guys and  , Buon Appetito !

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