miercuri, 21 martie 2012

A couple of notes

Dear bloggie , with each passing day i get closer and closer to the application date for the Jamie Oliver apprenticeship program . I mean i keep waiting for this , but sometimes i feel afraid ... i am not sure if i am supposed to feel like this , but surerly i want this more than ever , and that is becoming one of the apprentices . I never wanted anything so much in my entire life . My biggest fear isn't not being able to reach London , but the fact that i won't be given a chance to prove myself , to show what i can do . I mean i love food and cooking , i love the idea of becoming a great chef for the rest of my life . I know i should be more optimistic about this , but someone told me that , by being afraid we show our true care for that certain thing .The fact that you can win and lose , not knowing what your future holds is a bit scary , i just wish i could be in control of all of this , but i am not , since no person can be in control of his future . But what we can do is keep fighting for a better future and hope we achieve what we set in our minds to achieve . I was always thaught that hard work can get you in high places , but it's only half true . Hard work alone can't get you in high places , you need more than that , you need passion and the ability to dream your high place . I am not afraid of hard work , i'm more afraid of not be given the chance to get to work hard for my place , my dream .
  On the second of april the applications for the program start , i'm not sure what will happen , whether i'll be selected or not for this program , but if i do get selected i'll make sure to give my best and failure is not an option . I believe it will be hard , but i'll have to go through all the hard stuff to achieve a better life not just for me but for my family aswell .
 We as young people keep saying , '' Oh i have all the time in the world to grow up , i still enjoy being a kid right now '' ... but that's the thing we forget how time passes by , and the only thing you will never get back is time . The moment to grow up can be at any age , you don't need life experience to grow up ... that is forged throughout the years , growing up means more than life experience , it means seeing a purpose to your life , finding your way , having a dream and the will to fight for something  . I believe i can say i found my way in this world but i still got a lot of work ahead , but i await that work with lots of excitment and thrill knowing that beyond that hard work fence there is a better life , brighter future and probably an answer to what passion truly is . You can't understand passion for what it is untill you see yourself over that fence and share it with your closest ones .
  So i'm not sure if i will be chosen for the program , and i will always be fearfull of that untill the day i see the results , but one thing i know for sure is that i will never stop persuing my dream no matter what , and my dream is becoming a great chef .
 As a note to all the readers here , if you truly want something , but that something is more of a dream and it seems something with almost 0% chances to be achieved don't be afraid to give it a go , what can you lose ? , i mean do not judge these things , sometimes it's better to listen to your heart because we're humans and that's what separates us from the animals , the fact that we can judge with two things : our mind and our heart , and when those two get in sync then be sure to not doubt yourself ... Don't fear hard work , fear you won't get the chance to work hard for your own high place , because only then you can enjoy the true fruits of your labour as i will be enjoying my chillis soon  (haha) .

  So my time typing is done for the moment since i feel quite hungry and my foodie personality tells me it's time we get funky and start cookin' , since all this talk about passion and future made me think of food (haha) ... and yeah i know i'm a freak , but a food freak , i think that's ok right ? ... food freak ?  i mean can't be something wrong can it ? ... oh well if it is my mom and friends should learn to deal with it since i won't be changing in the near future (haha ) .
  Have a nice evening guys and remember if you have any questions , or in need of an advice or maybe you wanna give me an advice feel free to e-mail me or send me a comment to whatever bugs you .
                                                                                                 Bye , bye

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