marți, 20 martie 2012

Cherry flavoured Spring

Good afternoon , dear readers , these days i spend a lot of time outside , attending to my garden , cooking and have such little time left for my blog , but no worries this week i'll be free and guess i'll take some time and get filling this blog up with new posts .
Lovely weather outside , good for barbequing , i just wish i could go to the forest or a green space and spice up some awesome bbq recepies but since i am stricted in staying in the urban sites due to the fact i got no time it will have to wait for some other time .
 Anyway these days were amazing , except for the fact that i caught a cold but i'm feeling a bitt better now , thanks to my mom's chicken soup recepy , and some lovely Melissa tea . Guess you expect me now with a new recepy and all that ... and yeah i got  a lovely everyday awesome recepy that can be treated as a snack or maybe as  breakfast , depends on your wishes .
 Since it's spring we tend to bring  bright colours up in clothes , but also in food . I just love a good food with bright colours on a spring sunny day .

 So this is a warm salad recipe that i'm about to give you ... it's amazing and i enjoy making it every week at least twice  .
  The name of the salad is ''Cherry flavoured Spring'' , since the base of the salad is consisting of cherry tomatoes and spring onions .
 Here is what you need for the recipe :
                  - 6 cherry tomatoes
                  - 3 spring onions
                  - 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
                  - feta cheese ( or telemea is just as good )
                  - parsley
                  - garlic
                  - salt
So get the oil in the pan , chop the onions , and cut the cherry tomatoes in quarters or half if smaller  and add them to the pan ( also the pan must be on a medium heat ) .

      Chop 2 cloves of garlic finely , and add it to the pan with the cherry tomatoes and spring onions ... just keep stirring them and do not cook them for too long otherwise they go soggy and taste quite soury ,  .... add a pinch of salt but not too much since you have the salty cheese to add . This should take 3 minutes totally ... so when you've done you're business in the pan , empty the salad in a bowl with all it's juices , chopp some fresh parsley and some feta cheese in cubes . Drizzel a bit of good quality olive oil over it and you're done ... An easy , low buget , fast warm salad recepy , and you can eat it with bruschettas or simple bread .
   You can also add some green beans to it , it makes it more amazing i just didn't have any (:D ) . If you can't find good fresh green beans , just buy frozen ones they are good also but you need to boil them to get their flavour up again . Just boil them in some water with salt and they'll be good for usage again .

 A lovely spring salad that get's you in a good mood every day .
         Have one with this one , and enjoy ...
      Also these days i've been to some weird restaurants and i've tasted some lovely , amazing  food that i'm about to share with you guys in my next posts , so untill then Bon Appetit and may each day bring you excitment , joy and a little spark in cooking and as for me an end to my flue (haha) .

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