luni, 19 noiembrie 2012

Panna Cotta with blueberry jam

          Buna dragi cititori , aceasta e prima postare in limba romana . E foarte ciudat sa scriu in limba romana pe blog , nu stiu de ce haha fiindca e limba mea materna dar poate si dupa atatea postari in engleza mi-a devenit a doua natura si nu sunt atat de obisnuit sa scriu in romana .

          Dar nu e nimic pentru orice exista un inceput nu? ! :D
          As vrea sa va impartasesc azi o reteta cu , care m-am luptat sa o perfectionez . si am stricat atatea ingredienteeeeeeeee , vai Doamne dar nu am ce sa fac asta e riscul ca vreau sa fac pe Dexter in bucatarie !

        Prima data cand am inceput sa fac Panna Cotta a fost ... a fost ... a fostttt extraordi.... a pe cine mint ! A fost haos , pulbere , nici pe departe Panna Cotta ,
        Cred ca tocmai am reusit sa dau de reteta pentru silicon folosit la femei ( haha ) ... avea o textura foarte gelatinoasa si amuzanta :))) ( amuzant acum , nervi si lacrimi au curs in acea zi :)) ) .

        Dar dupa o ploaie torentiala trebuia sa iasa si soarele nu ? In Sfarsit am reusit sa ii creez textura perfecta si gustul perfect .. nu prea tare si nu gelatinoasa !

       Panna Cotta ( in italiana inseamna smantana coapta sau gatita ) este o budinca defapt , baza ei fiind laptele si frisca lichida , desigur pe vremuri se facea doar cu lapte dar erau alte vremuri si alt lapte ( laptele pe atunci era foarte gras si nu era nevoie de frisca lichida ) , dar daca doriti o Panna Cotta mai consistenta puteti sa renuntati la lapte si sa o faceti doar cu frisca lichida dar , sincer eu personal prefer mixul !

    E foarte simplu si daca ascultati de sfaturile mele pas cu pas veti servi o Panna Cotta delicioasa

   Ingrediente :    5 serviri

- 500 ml lapte
- 500 ml frisca lichida
- 2 pliculete jumate de gelatina pudra ( puteti folosi si foite dar aveti grija sa le baga-ti in apa mai intai sa se umfle )   ATENTIE ! gelatina alba !
- 1 baton de vanilie sau extract de vanilie sau puteti folosi zahar vanilat cu seminte de baton de vanilie incorporat au aparut de ceva timp prin supermarketuri , oricare sunt bune doar esenta sa nu folositi , e o prostie si nu are nici cea mai vaga asemanare cu vanilia la aroma !
- zahar dupa gust ( aveti grija sa nu indulciti prea tare fiindca panna cotta de obicei se serveste cu topping , iar toppingul este si el dulce )
- 3 bobite de sare de mare
- ulei
- gem de afine

 Haideti sa incepem sa o preparam !

 Intr-o oala medie adauga-ti laptele impreuna cu frisca lichida zaharul , semintele de la batonul de vanilie si batonul in sine  ( daca folositi extract adaugati-l abia la final dupa fierbere ) , sau zaharul vanilat .
 Aprinde-ti focul la aragaz si sa fie mediu spre mic flacara si asteptati amestecand usor din cand in cand pana da in clocot compozitia .
 Odata ce a  dat in clocot lua-ti de pe foc imediat si adaugati gelatina si amestecati sa sa imbine cum trebuie ( dar nu prea tare ) si adaugati cele 3 bobite de sare de mare ( are efect de a balansa gustul , panna cotta sa nu fie prea dulce si aroma de la vanilie sa fie intensificata ) .
  Acoperiti compozitia cu o folie de plastic dar asezati-o chiar pe compozitia in sine ca sa nu faca crusta , coaja , pielita cum doriti sa ii spuneti , odata cu racirea ei .

  Odata ce s-a racit putin turnati-o in recipiente tapetate cu f putin ulei si asezati-le in frigider .
  Acum vine partea nasoala , le trebuie cam 4 ore sa stea in frigider pana la servire .

  Partea buna e ca ve-ti aprecia faptul ca a-ti asteptat atata odata ce a-ti gustat din ele !!
  Dupa ce au trecut 4 ore le scoate-ti din frigider si cu ajutorul unui cutit subtire frecati marginile sa desprinde-ti panna cotta de recipient ( lama cutitului cat mai aproape de marginile interioare a recipientului si cat mai departe de marginile de la panna cotta ) , va dati dumneavoastra seama cam , cum ar veni nu e mare filozofie !!

 Serviti cu gem de afine bun sau topping de oricare doriti , sos de ciocolata sau caramel .
 Panna Cotta nu e neaparat sa o faceti cu vanilie se poate face cu tot felul de arome gen cafea , rom , fructul pasiunii , etc .

 Odata ce va obisnuiti cu , compozitia puteti sa va personaliza-ti propriile arome

           Sper sa va placa , si va garantez , daca ve-ti face dupa instructiuni pas cu pas nu aveti cum sa dati gres ....
           Asa ca spor si daca aveti intrebari sau nelamuriri puteti lasa un e-mail sau comment si va voi raspunde
          Bon Apettit guys ! :D

A MasterChef Day

                 Hey guys , lovely dear readers , i've missed you all ... i know i've been absent quite a while these months and days , but at the moment my life is so busy and each and every day i am tested both phisycally and mentally , but the important thing is that i am a fighter and i am not giving up on what i am trying to achieve .

             Last time i gave you a recipe on how to prepare a fish fillet , ... today no recipes just a little chit chat with what happened at the MasterChef pre selections .

           Yes it was an amazing day , full of excitement in the air , emotions , intense feelings and intense cooking .
           It all started with my departure from my home town Arad here in Romanie , we had to go over to Bucharest our capital here in Romania and there the pre selections were held .
         Me and a friend drove about 10 hours to get there , and it was quite an exciting journey and i learned a lot about responsabilities and about what can happen if you fight for your future .

       There were so many candidates and all of them were so passionate and presentable it was amazing just to watch them and you got so inspired .
       That amazing day was long and short at the same time ... i had to give a lot of interviews and i also had the problem with the camera haha , i just couldn't focus at the camera and the person who was interviewing me at the same time . It was really hard but after the first interview it became second nature to me:D !!

     It was a special day and it will always be in my heart ... i got mega inspired and i am ready to create and to get ready for the competition . These days are work work work and getting ready for the competition .

    If God allows it i will go in january to Bucharest again , and this time on A.I.R. and fight my way in this culinary world so i can achieve my dream and go to Paris to study the culinary arts .

    Here are some pictures from the MasterChef pre selections :

      This was taken by the masterchef community and was posted on the hotel's facebook page where the pre selections took place ... Howard Johnson Bucharest .

     And this one was taken by my friend with his phone camera haha i was getting ready for an interview and pressenting my tomato soup . ( you cand find the recipe on my blog '' my mom's amazing tomato soup with a twist of my own '' )   . It was a lovely day !

       I wish all of the people would feel in their heart what i felt that day .... It was amazing !

      Thank you guys and farewell ! Pancakes for breakfast ! :X

      Au revoir !

duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

Pan fried fillet of fish with a french touch !

           Dear readers first of all i apologize again for my long abssence , but in the last few weeks a lot has happened . First of all i would like to tell you all i haven't given up on my dream to go to a cooking school in Paris .
           I still need loads of money for this project ... but i had an ideea of participating at the hugest cooking comprtition in the world , and that is MasterChef . I've been to the pre selections and with a bit of luck and if God allows it i will surerly join in the second tour of the pre selections which is cooking for the jury on AIR .
            Anyway being there with the other MasterChef participants was so lovely and magical . A lot of people , with lots of different types of preps . , different cuisines ... from french , to italian , mexican  , indian , even our own romanian cuisine , it was so lovely to see so many passionate people and some of them were really charming , it was the best day of my life :D !
           Anyway i'll be talking about my trips and myself on my next post , since on this post i wanna talk to you about Fish !
           Fish ... i love fish ( if cooked properly ) , but unfortunately a lot of people when they hear of fish they go ... yuckkkkkkk , grosss , smells fishy , piyukkkkk ! Right , well ... ladies and gentlemen allow me to explain to you why your fish smells fishy !         Simple it ain't Fresh ! Fresh fish does not smell fishy ! They smell of sea .
        And now your telling yourself  '' Ok but how am i supposed to know which fish is fresh and which one it ain't  ''  .... It's simple first of all as i said the smell then the eye must be clear not blank  , and the skin oily a bit ... not 2 much though ... it's quite easy remember these things and you'll be just fine .

      If you go buy a fish that does not meet the standards i just told you ... then sir or ma'am
                                                                  DO NOT BUY THAT FISH !

So the ingredients you need for this prep are :

           - 4 fillet of fish ( any kind , to your liking )
           - 2 parsnips
           - garlic
           - thyme
           - 1 red pepper
           - 100 ml of white wine
           - 1 shallot
           - 1 lemon
           - 200 g of butter
           - olive oil
           - sea salt
           - pepper

      So the preparation is really simple if you stick to what i am telling you .
      First of all peel the parsnip and boil it with a bit of sal
      Cook the red pepper and peel it of it's skin so it will release those smoky flavours .
      Make small cuts in the fish skin but be carefull not to pierce the meat and fill them with thyme , and garlic or any herb to your liking .
       Rub the fillet of fish with salt and pepper
       Place a non-stick pan on the stove , get it real hot and i mean screaming hot .Place the fillet of fish skinside down and press it a bit with a spatula .
       Cook the fish 4 and half minutes skin side down ( that is about 90% of the time ) and the turn it and cook it 30 to 40 seconds skin side up .
        When the parsnip is cooked and you can pierce it easily with a fork pour almost all the water from it but leave a  bit , and the red pepper and use a blender to mix them well , add 70g of butter and mix again until it forms a piure .
        Now your left only with the beurre blanc sauce . Beurre blanc in french means white butter , this sauce is one of the greatest acompliments for any fish , it's amazing , tasty and yummy .
       The first thing you need to do it order to prepare it is : chop the shallot finely add 100 ml of white wine and let them reduce .
        When the wine is reduced and the flavours are really intense and pop out add slowly the butter piece by piece ( the butter must be chopped , medium sized cubes ) , so add them one by one and keep styring .
        At the end sprinkle a bit of lemon juice and next you can pass it through a sive if you want it really fine or you can leave it like this it's kinda optional .
      Serve it hot , since when it get's cold it can splitt .  I hope you'll enjoy this repice .

      And have fun , trust me this sauce will change the perception you'll have on boring fish sauces and will elevate your dish and take it to the a new dimension of tastes !

      French yummyness on a plate  ! :D

       So guys untill my next post :  

                                                                           Au revoir et Bon Appetit  ! :D