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Pan fried fillet of fish with a french touch !

           Dear readers first of all i apologize again for my long abssence , but in the last few weeks a lot has happened . First of all i would like to tell you all i haven't given up on my dream to go to a cooking school in Paris .
           I still need loads of money for this project ... but i had an ideea of participating at the hugest cooking comprtition in the world , and that is MasterChef . I've been to the pre selections and with a bit of luck and if God allows it i will surerly join in the second tour of the pre selections which is cooking for the jury on AIR .
            Anyway being there with the other MasterChef participants was so lovely and magical . A lot of people , with lots of different types of preps . , different cuisines ... from french , to italian , mexican  , indian , even our own romanian cuisine , it was so lovely to see so many passionate people and some of them were really charming , it was the best day of my life :D !
           Anyway i'll be talking about my trips and myself on my next post , since on this post i wanna talk to you about Fish !
           Fish ... i love fish ( if cooked properly ) , but unfortunately a lot of people when they hear of fish they go ... yuckkkkkkk , grosss , smells fishy , piyukkkkk ! Right , well ... ladies and gentlemen allow me to explain to you why your fish smells fishy !         Simple it ain't Fresh ! Fresh fish does not smell fishy ! They smell of sea .
        And now your telling yourself  '' Ok but how am i supposed to know which fish is fresh and which one it ain't  ''  .... It's simple first of all as i said the smell then the eye must be clear not blank  , and the skin oily a bit ... not 2 much though ... it's quite easy remember these things and you'll be just fine .

      If you go buy a fish that does not meet the standards i just told you ... then sir or ma'am
                                                                  DO NOT BUY THAT FISH !

So the ingredients you need for this prep are :

           - 4 fillet of fish ( any kind , to your liking )
           - 2 parsnips
           - garlic
           - thyme
           - 1 red pepper
           - 100 ml of white wine
           - 1 shallot
           - 1 lemon
           - 200 g of butter
           - olive oil
           - sea salt
           - pepper

      So the preparation is really simple if you stick to what i am telling you .
      First of all peel the parsnip and boil it with a bit of sal
      Cook the red pepper and peel it of it's skin so it will release those smoky flavours .
      Make small cuts in the fish skin but be carefull not to pierce the meat and fill them with thyme , and garlic or any herb to your liking .
       Rub the fillet of fish with salt and pepper
       Place a non-stick pan on the stove , get it real hot and i mean screaming hot .Place the fillet of fish skinside down and press it a bit with a spatula .
       Cook the fish 4 and half minutes skin side down ( that is about 90% of the time ) and the turn it and cook it 30 to 40 seconds skin side up .
        When the parsnip is cooked and you can pierce it easily with a fork pour almost all the water from it but leave a  bit , and the red pepper and use a blender to mix them well , add 70g of butter and mix again until it forms a piure .
        Now your left only with the beurre blanc sauce . Beurre blanc in french means white butter , this sauce is one of the greatest acompliments for any fish , it's amazing , tasty and yummy .
       The first thing you need to do it order to prepare it is : chop the shallot finely add 100 ml of white wine and let them reduce .
        When the wine is reduced and the flavours are really intense and pop out add slowly the butter piece by piece ( the butter must be chopped , medium sized cubes ) , so add them one by one and keep styring .
        At the end sprinkle a bit of lemon juice and next you can pass it through a sive if you want it really fine or you can leave it like this it's kinda optional .
      Serve it hot , since when it get's cold it can splitt .  I hope you'll enjoy this repice .

      And have fun , trust me this sauce will change the perception you'll have on boring fish sauces and will elevate your dish and take it to the a new dimension of tastes !

      French yummyness on a plate  ! :D

       So guys untill my next post :  

                                                                           Au revoir et Bon Appetit  ! :D




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