luni, 19 noiembrie 2012

A MasterChef Day

                 Hey guys , lovely dear readers , i've missed you all ... i know i've been absent quite a while these months and days , but at the moment my life is so busy and each and every day i am tested both phisycally and mentally , but the important thing is that i am a fighter and i am not giving up on what i am trying to achieve .

             Last time i gave you a recipe on how to prepare a fish fillet , ... today no recipes just a little chit chat with what happened at the MasterChef pre selections .

           Yes it was an amazing day , full of excitement in the air , emotions , intense feelings and intense cooking .
           It all started with my departure from my home town Arad here in Romanie , we had to go over to Bucharest our capital here in Romania and there the pre selections were held .
         Me and a friend drove about 10 hours to get there , and it was quite an exciting journey and i learned a lot about responsabilities and about what can happen if you fight for your future .

       There were so many candidates and all of them were so passionate and presentable it was amazing just to watch them and you got so inspired .
       That amazing day was long and short at the same time ... i had to give a lot of interviews and i also had the problem with the camera haha , i just couldn't focus at the camera and the person who was interviewing me at the same time . It was really hard but after the first interview it became second nature to me:D !!

     It was a special day and it will always be in my heart ... i got mega inspired and i am ready to create and to get ready for the competition . These days are work work work and getting ready for the competition .

    If God allows it i will go in january to Bucharest again , and this time on A.I.R. and fight my way in this culinary world so i can achieve my dream and go to Paris to study the culinary arts .

    Here are some pictures from the MasterChef pre selections :

      This was taken by the masterchef community and was posted on the hotel's facebook page where the pre selections took place ... Howard Johnson Bucharest .

     And this one was taken by my friend with his phone camera haha i was getting ready for an interview and pressenting my tomato soup . ( you cand find the recipe on my blog '' my mom's amazing tomato soup with a twist of my own '' )   . It was a lovely day !

       I wish all of the people would feel in their heart what i felt that day .... It was amazing !

      Thank you guys and farewell ! Pancakes for breakfast ! :X

      Au revoir !

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