marți, 5 februarie 2013

Shooting for the Stars

          Hey all , my dear bloggie readers , .... yeah i know i've gone missing these days , but i was very busy with my new work place and the entire project got the most of my time .

         So what's this post all about ... well actually i'm not giving away any recipes in this one !
         Actually i am about to talk to you about my current workplace , the project i'm going after and also about some things i've been doing these days !

         I know i promised you guys a classic dessert post , but the next one that it shall be !
         Sooooo , let us start ! My current workplace is a caffe called Hazard they serve quite an amazing coffee although the current inside decorations are not at the top of the coffee they serve but still it;s a nice place with nice music and people .

         After my escapade with the french classics the owner of the caffee told me he wants to change some things in his caffe , meaning he had an available kitchen , with amazing ovens for patisserie ! And trust me they are trully amazing and a gift to my kind of people ( chefs , passionate foodie people , cooks )  !

         So we agreed on me working for them as a head chef and a creator of the new menus !
         I still don't know why and how could they have so much fate in me and letting me coordonate everything , but something i am sure of and that is I won't let them Down ! This is my opportunity to prove what i can do and i will surerly take advantage of it !

         So we serve and oldschool classic pizza which is called Calzone !
         It's basically a more portable pizza due to the fact that it is folded , and this one it ain't big in size so it looks pretty cute on a plate ! :D

         Here are some pictures  ! :

So these are the calzones , which come in different varrieties of fillings from chicken with mozzarela and tomato sauce , to mushrooms with fresh herbs or a more italian approach with riccota and prosciutto crudo and mozzzarela .
I think they are great and the dough really is amazing i use my own hands to make it , but the flour is trully amazing , we get our lovely flour from the farmers which is great and quite fresh ! 
We also have a nice variety of fresh herbs and aromatic oils which we use .
So all in all we go for quallity instead of quantity ! 

Leaving asside my work which i get quite a lot of it , i Still have not given up on my dream to reach to Paris and study the french culinary arts !! At the moment i am raising the money for this project and i think this is my opportunity to understand what responsabillity is all about !

It's the best training for what awaits me outside and i am Shooting for the Stars i will be the first Romanian Chef ever to receive the first Michelin Star ! 

Besides working a lot these days i've experienced a lot of new feelings i've forgot about them , and those are fighting for what you want , prove what you can do , believe in yourself and be a romantic person because the world needs this ! 

I've met a girl these days that inspires all that in me , and every time i talk to her i feell like i can move mountains and my passion increases ... it trully is Amazing !
I believe that the people that work in my domain need this kind of feelings in order to produce great food .

Great food comes from the heart ! By using your hands with great finnesse and by using your heart and soul to the max and besides all this the inspiration from a person you like ! 

I always thaught that being a chef means knowing and aquiring loads of knowledge about food ... but i was totally wrong !
By aquiring loads of food knowledge does not make you a Chef !

You need to learn to respect the classics , to respect the standards and also you need feelings to be a Chef and as the old lady from the french course told me you will never be a fulfilled chef without having a spark of love for someone in your heart !

Fight for what you want and work your ass off to become what you want to become ! These are words i live by these days and i won't give up and can't afford to give up because my passion and ambition is too huge to give up ! 

So guys get on with your ambitions and Shoot for the Stars and perfect your passion ! 

On the next post lets take a spin on the dessert i promised you guys !

Untill then have a wonderfull night and almost forgot ... : 

                                 Bonne Nuit !