joi, 11 aprilie 2013

Here's comes 13 of April , here comes my birthday !!

             Dear readers , due to my long abssence ... yet again i've finnaly found a way to manage and finnaly type another post .
            My weeks are full and it's so hard to concentrate and type new posts on my blog .

            A lot of things have happened these days . And of course i've had my share of laughs , tears , disappoinments but each time i fall in a great dissapointment i remember my goal i remember why perhaps these things happen to me .
              I think when you receive a gift from God as great as the one i received ( my passion for food )  he wants to be sure you deserve it and thus you end up in His trials . Each dissapointment is a step forward and something to learn from .

              I've learned a lot these last 3 months and above all else there was something that gave me hope each day and that was my unending passion for cooking and food .

           First of all my birthday is cominggggg , wuhuuuu .... yeah right well i wish i was all that ''wuhuu'' about it but here we go again another fail birthday party for me as i will mostly spend it alone i guess ... but no worries since i got a plan :D .

          I've been thinking ... well i'll kinda be alone , and it is my birthday , and i'll have the kitchen all for myself , why not make something !!

          And as i was turning pages in my mind full of recipes i just thaught  why not adding something new !
          And that something new was none other than Julia Child's perfect chocolate and almond birthday cake !

       Yeahhh baby , a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for my birthday , just for meee ... now that doesen't sound that depressing anymore right ? ... who am i kidding it pretty much is but at least i'll have a go on this amazing recipe Julia Child , God rest her soul , left us proud passionate people of the culinary arts to give a go and delight ourselves .

         The next post i'll be giving away her classic recipe and of course  a little info on how it went and tasted !
         As for me spending it alone ? Well sitting around all day , doing absolutly nothing and stuffing yourself with loads of chocolate doesen't sound that bad at all . Chocolate makes my day brighter each time it's the ultimate cure to any depression i got ... i love you Chocolate !

         So tommorow i'll be going chinese on you guys and hand over quite a simple but tasty chinese food recipe !

       Amazingly tasty , fast and you won't believe what you can achieve in 20 minutes with no sweat at all !

       Untill then good night all , time for everybody to hit the sack .... as for me sour cherry compot tonight ...

                                 So , untill tommorow ...   Bonnenuit :D !