joi, 15 martie 2012

Spring !! :D

Take a look outside ... it's so lovely , i mean spring finnaly came and you know what this means right ? ... That's right the time for gardening and barbeques it's just right . Leaving aside the barbeq for now ... i'm gonna talk about gardening . As i was saying in my older post ( the second one ) , in order to be a good cook aswell as a good chef you need to understand food ... where does it come from , and the only way to do that is by growing your own food .  Take herbs for example , i mean let's forget for a moment about their important asset to any style of cooking , but there is more to it ... they make you healthier , live longer  , your hair looks better due to the oils and attributes from the herbs , your face looks healthier and younger , basically they are a good asset to anything in our lives .
 I stopped using medicines , and other types of pills , because they are not that natural and more or less they all have a secundary effect . When i used to get cold i always took any type of pills so i can get rid of it but i always felt weakened and without appetite due to the fact i was taking those drugs . After i started trying my first fresh herbs such as : rosemary , sage , chives , bay , basil , thyme , mint ... many others , i felt different ... the smell is amazing , fresh and i started feeling healthier already . By cooking with fresh herbs , you parfume your food with lovely fresh smells and the flavour is out of this world .
 I started to grow so passionate about using herbs , spices , all of those things in just a short time ... it's a great asset to your cooking level . The problem was that fresh herbs are really expensive and as a student with a low buget i couldn't afford most of the times to aquire them so i thought of a great ideea . I always use to watch my favorite chef Jamie Oliver , and letting asside his passion for cooking was his passion for gardening so i thought , why not start my own little garden ... so i went to the supermarket and bought some fresh soil , seeds and some containers ... it all started with just a few but eventually it became a passion for me aswell , and these days i get my fresh herbs from my own little garden :D , and i am telling you nothing compares to the feeling of being able to pick what you need from the things you grew , it's amazing .

 So let's start with :
               These are my chillis , awesome and really hot peppers , easy to grow , just do not water them too much and when you plant their seeds after a while the first thing that comes out are its seeds , be carefull not to push them back otherwise you just kill them , so if you see any seeds above , you did nothing wrong it's just the way they develop . I used to buy from the supermarket chillis but i find them with no taste at all , and not even close to being hot so i thought i should grow my own chillis since i love them . They usually love heat so the more heat they get , the hotter the peppers will be .
Second one is Melissa , it's a herb used for salads , drinks , tea , and deserts . It has a special divine smell of lemon and mint combined ... quite fresh and perfect ... And it grows easy
    The third one is Rosemary , my favorite one , and quite pretenciouss herb , you need to be extra carefull with this one , but i love it ... it's so parfumy and it gives meat and salads a lovely smell and flavour ... the tea made from it is good for people who have trouble sleeping and insomnia and also for freeing your mind from stress , one sipp of tea made from rosemary and you'll feel like a new born :D

    The forth  is thyme , quite good for meat , salads , tea .... has an amazing eathy smell also good for soups it gives it a deep flavour and groundy just lovely for a windy , cold day .
        The fifth is Basil , which is part of the mint class but a little different , it's really good for sauces , especially tomato sauces , salads , meat , drinks ... has a lovely flavour and smell , especially with pasta and tomatoes .

     These are my chillis but i had to replant them since they grew too big and it was time i replanted them in a bigger container in order for them to produce the peppers ... they need space betweene them so they can develop their root , i can't wait to taste my first peppers ... i'll keep you guys on track with that :D
    So basically this is about it for now , i'm waiting for my cayenne peppers to grow also and the next things i want to plant are sage and mint .... so basically it's quite easy and cheap , if an idiot like me can do it so can you :D , it's no rocket science , just give it a go , i'm telling you it's fun and it surerly pays off .

 Right now i have to leave you guys since tommorow it's a friends birthday and i have to get prepared and make him some desert , and i'm thinking about a chocolate tart and some sorbet .
                                                                                                               Have a lovely sunny day all :D !

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