marți, 27 martie 2012

Funky banana dessert

A beautifull , simple dessert , fit for a good sunny day . I just discovered this dessert  by some sort of an accident , sometimes it seems accidents cand be the start of something good , not all accidents are bad :D .
 So i made lemon curd for some pie i wanted to make , but since i was impatient i peeled a banana since for me to eat but i accidentally spilled the bowl with the lemon curd all over the banana . At first i wanted to wash it away but then i thaught '' wait a sec , why not eat it like this , can't be bad '' ... and when i had my first bite , flavours started to pop out , like tiny explosions of fireworks in my mouth , it was so amazing ... God the taste was just perfect .
 So i thaught why not make a desert with these two . So i started to shape it but something was missing i needed a bit of crunch to the desert since it felt too creamy , so i immediately thaught about biscuits ( banana and vanilla flavoured biscuits = amazing combo ) . I named this dessert '' Funky Banana '' since the dessert looks quite funky and the accident happened when i listened some funky music (haha) .
 Anyway enough chit chat let's get started :

  So you'll need :
-2 bananas
- lemon curd
- mint ( for decorating)
- vanilla flavoured biscuits

 First of all peel the bananas and cut them sideways . Then add them in a cup or a deep glass , mash some biscuits and add them over the bananas and then a tablespoon of lemon curd (lemon curd recipe you can check it in my third post , the one with the lemon tartlets ) . Kepp repeating this process until you reach the top of the cup of glass and cover it with lemon curd , add some sliced bananas sideways , sprinkle some mashed biscuits around and add some mint for decorating purposes .
  It's simple , cheap and fast . What more do you want ... and the taste is just amazing . Think vanilla , lemon , bananas all togheter ... Just Lovely !
   Here are some photos of the dessert taken by a friend of mine with his fancy camera ,  Spatariu Andrei .

  Have fun with this dessert guys , it's just lovely and fit for a Springy day  .

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