duminică, 1 aprilie 2012

So , here i am , waiting .... there are 2 more hours till the sign ups for the Jamie Oliver apprenticeship programe , and i am so anxious i can barerly think ... i hope my message will do it's work and help me get at least in the 200 competitors , there's always the chance of being a romanian that could stop me from being accepted , but right now i can't think negative , i have to think i will join them and i'll do good .
 For the moment i guess i'll be watching Jamie's italian road trip since these days i felt i had no inspiration and the minute i watched my first episode of Jamie's italian road trip ... the recepies started to pour , i mean the meaning of the show ''Jamie's italian road trip '' is to get inspiration ... Jamie felt overwhelmed by all of his culinary activities and he decided to go to Italy where his favorite cuisine get's its roots and try to get inspired again.
  Well since i can't afford going to neither Italy nor France or other inspiring places , i'll just have to watch Jamie and it kinda works , i know it sounds strange but i kinda feel i'm going on that trip with him aswell and i feel better already ... so guys i know i've been bla bla bla - ing you a lot but this is it the moment i've waited for and to tell you the truth these 2 hours are the longest freakin hours i've ever met .
  So , thats kinda it ... i'll leave you people watch your movies , eat , sleep whatever you guys do at this time of hour , ... good night all :D

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