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Lemon curd Tartlets

Hello guys again , i mean the ones who read my blog if someones does haha , i am back home , and yeah i know i had to post a recipe for the poached egg well i was off all day and i just got home 40 minutes ago ... pretty much tired , BUT ! i still got a treat for you guys .
  Since i didn't post the recepy i wanted to and promised this day i will intrigue you with another recipe and i'll keep the poached egg recipe for tommorow . So when i arrived home  a friend of mine called , and she mentioned she was stopping by at my place to say hello since we haven't seen each other for nearly 2 weeks . Yeah i know sad but hey we all are busy and keeping contact in these busy days is really hard . Anyways she kept talking about some desert she had a few days ago and was made with some lemony cream but was so sour she had to drink tons of water after she had one bite haha .
 So i thaught i should make one of those lemony deserts , but the proper way we must not loose our lemony compatriots just because someone did not know how to dance the lemony dance ( meaning managing to get a good , light and not soury lemon cream) .
 Anyway this recipe i'm about to show is called lemon tartlets . Basically they are small tarts filled with a lemon cream but not just any lemon cream ... lemon curd .Thats right , so what is a lemon curd : well basically it's a yellow not to thick cream with a bit of acid in it but its not soury , it's more delicate and has the right texture so when it pops in your mouth it's full of flavor .
 So lets get on with the recipe .
 First off you'll need :
For the dough:
-250 g of flour
- 100 g of  powder sugar
- 125 g of butter
- 2 egg yolks
- 1 table spoon of lemon zest
- 2 table spoons of water or cold milk (your choice)
- 1 tea spoon of vanilla seeds ( optional )
For the filling (lemon curd):
- 2 eggs
- 1/20 fresh lemon juice ( it's really important to use the juice from fresh lemmons and not bottle ones )
- 100 g of sugar
- 1 table spoon of lemon zest
- 60 g of butter

So you start of by making the dough. Just mix all the components i mentioned on top for the dough making in a bowl and keep mixing them with your hands untill you get to a form that looks like bread crums . Whe you've done just get the crums togheter and try to form a round shape . Then place the round shape dough in a plastic rapper and put it in the fridge for about 20 min . After 20 minutes get the dough out , just sprinkle some flour on it and using a bottle or a rolling pin just roll the dough until it's about half a centimeter thick. then place it in some tart shapes like so: and cut it so it won't cover all the tart tray.

After this is done tuck the pastry in and just make it look good like so:
After you've done that put the tay with the pastry in the freezer for about 12 minutes and untill then lets start making the lemon curd.
First of begin by cracking 2 eggs in a heat proff bowl like so , and if you got a tiny little egg shell part like i got there just use the other half of the egg shell to get it out , if u try to get it out using your fingers u'll just waste a lot of time and u'll just get gooey and messy and that's a big No No !
       After that put the sugar and pour the lemon juice inside the bowl along with the 2 eggs :

       Whisk them up really good untill they form a golden pale color and it's a bit bubbly on the sides
        After that place the bowl on top of a pot with simmering water and be carefull the water does not touch the bowl just put 3 inches of water in the bowl and let it simmer not boil ( simmering means when the water is near boilling point has little bubbles on top but does not go wavy like when it boils)
          This process is called ''Bain-marie'' which means water bath , the term comes from french and it is used to gently heat ingredients , and melting ... anyway you put bowl on top of a pot with simmering water and start to whisk it untill the filling becomes a bit thick (about 10 to 12 minutes) , after that remove the bowl  from the pot and quickly put the butter and lemon zest in the bowl and mix the filling with a wooden spoon  keep mixing it slowly and gently , u gotta treat it like a woman slow and gently if you go barbaric she will leave you and perhaps chop off some parts you hold dear ( that would be so sad haha) , so anyways after the butter has melted this should have given it a proper texture and the lemon zest a lighter color to it . The filling should look like this :
         Not to thick , creamy and velvety texture . After you've done then you'll need to let it cool a bit . So get  a  piece of  plastic paper and cover the lemon curd so it won't make a crust .
         Then get you pastry out of the freezer and place it in a preheated oven to 190 degrees C. ( 380degrees F. ) and leave it there for 7 minutes untill the pastry gets a bit golden
        After 7 minutes take the pastry out of the oven and fill them up with the lemon curd and place them for another 10 t0 12 minutes in the oven . Cut a few tiny slices of lemon for decoration in the mean time. After the time has passed take the tartlets out of the oven and decorate them with the tiny slices of lemon . Let them cool a bitt and serve them on a plate :
        So here is how you make a good looking and tasy desert really , really quick and you can use the ingredients to make more tartlets ... i made four ( yeah i know one is missing sorry couldn't help myself and i ate one as soon as it got out from the oven haha ) , but you could make a lot more , and your friends will be like wow you did that ?   And you'll be like yeah , easy peasy !
      Yeah my friend said this was the best lemon tart she ever had but there was another problem this time . Not enough tarts haha , so next time you'll make this kind of desert make sure you made loads of them since they will be so tasty you just can't get enough of them :D .
       Oh and by the way if you do not have a tart tray , just use some coffee cups place them upside down and place the pastry on them forming little cups , put them in the oven for 7 minutes then get the tarts out of the cups gently , fill them with the lemon curd , put them on a normal tray and leave them again for 10 to 12 minutes  .
          Peace out guys i'll just hopp in my bed again , and get some sleep tommorow another day , and i still got loads of things to do ... so tommorow i shall post the poached egg recipe , So if anyone is out there and reads what i write send me an e-mail if interested or subscribe me , like me , do what ever you want with me ( haha) just let me know someone reads this . Good Night all and sweet lemony dreams !                                    

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