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Cherry tomatoes , mozzarela , basil , garlic bruschetta

 The second recipe i'm about to show you is an easy peasy one since it doesen't require any frying , roasting , grilling or boilling just a nicely developed pallete and thats it . So what i'm about to show you is bruschetta with basil , mozzarela , and cherry tomatoes .
  What you require at this recipe is :

- 16 cherry tomatoes
- 2 mozzarela balls
- 3 cloves of garlic
- 1 handfull of basil
- 3 table spoons of  extra virgin olive oil                                  This serves up to 4 people
- french baguette
- salt
 In a bowl cut the cherry tomatoes in half  , finely chopp the garlic and place it in the bowl with the cherry tomatoes and chop the basil in bigger chuncks so you'' have a good bite from it . then drizzel with 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil , and salt to your taste . Mix them while popping some of the cherry tomatoes in order to release a bitt of the acidic juice so it will cook the dressing a bit . Mix them well using your fairy fingers and be gentle in the same time .
 Next ripp the mozzarela in smaller chuncks and put them aside.Slice 2 cm thick and grill the french baguette ( i always make my own baguette but you can buy one from the supermarket , i'll explain some other time on how to make a baguette other types of bread when i'll post the bread recepy ) . Place the mozzarela bits onto the grilled baguette and put the cherry tomatoes with the garlic , basil and olive oil dressing on top of the baguette and drizzel a bit of the dressing on top of each one .

         And thats about it , the cherry tomatoes are so lovely and juicy , the mozzarely is just elegant and silky in your mouth , the garlic gives it a kick and the basil takes the story to a whole different level .! :D
         So here you are 2 recepies as promised and i'll be back with more , if you'd like some deserts , or perhaps other types of recepies , or if you have in mind a recepy you'd like me to try , subscribe or e-mail me and i shall see what's this about and give a try at it . Also you can post your own ideeas just e-mail me and have a go .
       In the meantime guys i'll go hit the sack again , tommorow i shall have another busy day and at the moment i think i'm writing with my eyes closed .... .........yep i think i am :D . So untill next time all ... , have a wonderfull night !

  Oh , almost forgot here is how the bruschette should look like :

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