joi, 16 februarie 2012

A bit of my own garden

Dear readers , second post for today ... yeah well i just ate a good steak , listening to some good country songs (Deana Carter-Strawberry Wine) and i got inspired into writing this second post . Not all of us are fammiliar with herbs and their usage into cooking  , we eat a lot of stuff but never wonder how it was grown , how it was produced so 2 weeks ago in order to understand food i had to grow food .
 So i went to the market and shopped for some seeds and good soil and also some pots to plant them in . I really was intrigued beucase it was really cheap and the things you buy in the supermarket ,such as fresh thyme or rosemary or any other herb, are really expensive . So i went home i didn't have any clue what to do with them honestly  i never grew anything in my life although i used to help my grandmother in the garden back when i was little but my parents moved to the city when they split up and well i forgot how it was to grow things .
  So here i was with these seeds holding them in my hand and well , placed the soil in the pots , covered it with a bit of water and placed the seeds then covered them with a bit of soil and watered again , also found a good place for them on a window bench (neccesary because they need light from the sun in order to develop) .
       I went to bed and the next day when i woke up surprise surprise .... i saw .... nothing ... haha i mean i was like what did i do wrong so i tried to give them more water and kept talking to them and asking them nicely to grow but they didn't.Here are the seeds and the soil :

 Here is the soil :

So back on track 1 week has passed and still nothing . I kept wattering them every day and after another week  of wattering , and giving them love and care look what happened :D :

 I was so excited , now i know how a woman feels when she gives birth to a child haha , well not entirely but still this was a good birth also . the one to the left is the rosemary and the other the chilli (i know they look the same but , maybe they need more time to grow before they develop really differently ) . My apartment colleagues  used to play a lot in switching the pots places to make me not know which is what although i made a mark on each one beneath the pot , i hope they didn't switch the seeds also haha . Anyway i'll keep you guys on track with my garden development and they grow really fast considering it's winter ... can't wait for spring to buy some new pots for my garlic , chives , spring onions .
 Oh and here is my thyme the little fella :
         So now i think i'll leave you guys , no more writing for today since i have to go to sleep in order to wake up early in the morning and i'll wait for a comment or a subscribe mail anything at all , just to know someone's out there and reads my posts and i'll upload a new recepy tommorow .
          I'll be off in Lala Land and try to get some sleep after i watch some Jamie Oliver shows and help a nice juicy orange to find it's way in my stomach ( haha) . So have a good night dear readers and see you tommorow with another recepy ... poached egg !
            And again if i can do it , you can aswell it's idiot proof can't go wrong just put the soil in a pot , place the seeds , cover them with soil , water it and wait while watering them every day ,,, easy peasy !

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  1. Lori I'm watching you with my big 0_o ...good luck with your plants! and Lori , darling since when you like country music? anyway you're making a good job with this blog ...waiting for the next post ...

  2. well since i heard Deanne Carter , outstanding voice and country music is always a bit calming and full of life :D , and thanks for reading my blog now i won't feel so lonely anymore and i know i'm writing for someone and not just myself haha .