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French omlette with chives and goat cheese

Hello guys , so if you read my description you know my objectives and a little bit about myself . This post is basically an introduction to what this blog's main ideea is about and that is sharing recepies .If you like my recepies try them out and subsscribe or message me on what's your opinion about it . So today i shall start with the basics and that is eggs . You can cook eggs in many different ways , it doesn't matter whether it's a fried egg , a poached egg , scrambled eggs , or an omelette ... what does matter is to cook the egg the proper way  and it is so easy  and by doing so it will make your life 10 times more delicious :D .

      The recipe i'm about to show you is a french omlette with chives and goat cheese .
      Here are the ingredients:
- 3 eggs
- goat cheese
- chives
- 1 tea spoon of olive oil
- a knob of butter
- salt , and pepper
      So here is the way you do it . You start off by whisking the eggs in a small bowl or a deep plate seasoned with a pinch of salt and a pinch of peper , and be sure you whisked them good , you basically can see when they go into a liquid form and they got a few bubbles up you know they are whisked correctly .
    Preheat the pan on a medium heat , get a few drops of olive oil in it (just a few , about 3 drops its enough) and a knob of butter , and coat the pan with the butter . After that quickly place your eggs in pan and move them with a fork so it will evenly cook and do not worry about the gaps just fill them with the rest of the eggs inside the pan .
   Now turn the heat on low and leave it 25 seconds to cook and in the mean time sprinkle some goat cheese on it and some freshly chopped chives (remember do not chop chives more than once because they get bruised and turn black) .
  Be sure to use a spatula and touch the sides of the omelette . If it slides a bit in the pan use the spatula again , place it under the omlette and ,you gotta be really fast and courageous to do this, tilt it sideways .
  Serve it on a plate with some ketchup or just on its own :D
Bon apettit :D
If an idiot like me can do it , you can aswell :D

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