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A nice , warm chicken soup with semolina dumplings

Another busy day , another night writing to you dear readers ... how are you all ?! ... well i hope better than me , can't complain but still can't be thrilled in my current position as a student , i mean don't get me wrong being a student at a university was and is a privelege but , i suck at it and i can't find my way between all those students that are capable of understand what we are thaught inside the university i feel like a lost mouse between too many traps and i can't find any cheese nearby . The term kitchen for a mouse like me would be '' Cheese    Heaven '' , because thats how i feel inside a kitchen , any kitchen wheter is it in Congo , in Japan or Romania or          
in my own home there is no difference , the butchery , the market , the coffee beans store , the chocolate society store ... each and every one of these are my candyshops ... of course i don't have the money to buy a lot of them because they are too expensive but i still enjoy watching them , smelling the most rafined coffee beans or the most tasty , good looking chocolate made from different types of cocoa ... it's endless !
     Ok so enough about describing my personal likeings , let's talk business .  As promised i will post 2 recepies and after that i'll hit the sack again since tommorow is another yet challenging day and i still need to make the lemon pie for some lemon hater friends ... haha  , i just wanna convert them to the lemony side and i think i'll be able to do it 100% since they haven't tasted a lemon pie like this before ( praise the mighty lemon curd ) !! .
   Anyway this recipe i'm about to show you is how to make a  proper home-made chicken soup within 30 minutes , and ... it's healthy , yummy and none of that plastic , garbage wannabe chicken soup that you buy from stores with dried noodles and powdered chicken essence (yucky ! ) . So anyway here are the ingredients you need to serve about 6 people :

- 1 chicken carcass
- 3 carrots
- 1 parsnip
- 1 handfull of parsley with the stocks
- 1 potato
- 1 onion
- 1 half of celeriac
- salt , fresh black pepper
and as for the dumplings you'll require :

- 3 eggs
- 10 to 11 tablespoons of semolina
- 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
- a pinch of salt

So here is how you do it : first off you start by placing the carcass in a pot then peel the carrots , wash them cut them in half and place them in the pot alongside the chicken carcass , after that peel the parsnip , again cut it in half and place it in the pot , next do the same with the potato , the celeriac and the onion ... u can keep the onion unpeeled it preserves more flavour but give it a good wash , you really don't want a messy onion ruin the value of a good soup ... and as for the parsley take the stocks off using a knife throw them in the pot with the chicken carcass and the rest of the ingredients and keep the leaves for later usage .
 Crush some black pepper seeds and place them in the pot with the carcass and some sea salt , then finnaly cover the carcass and the ingredients with cold water and place them on the gas. Bring in to the boil , leave it for 10 minutes and then 20 to 30 minutes on medium heat , in order to let the ingredients work so the flavour will be more intense . Be sure to get the fat that reaches the top with a spoon ... it usually moves to the sides of the pot when the water boils , so be sure to throw it away with a spoon so the soup won't become foggy and unclear .
  After you've done all that just pass the soup through a siv and chopp off the carrots any way you like it , i like them round shaped , to me it feels more rustic and home-made , but you can chop it either way you like it . Place the carrots in the soup and then put the soup on the gas again , let it simmer and in the mean time lets make the dumplings .
 Separate the eggs into egg yolks and egg whites . Mix the yolk with a tablespoon of extra virgin oliveoil , put a pinch of salt in the egg whites and beat them untill they become fluffy (you'll know they are whipped correctly when you hold the bowl over your head and the whites don't drop ) . Next mix in the egg whites with the egg yolks and gently fold them with a spatula so you won't break the air from the egg whites , put 10 tablespoons of semelina in with the egg whites and egg yolks and mix them untill it formesa creamy composition not liquidy and not hard but a bit creamy , then you know your dumplings will be nice and fluffy  . Note to the dumplings composition , you should know that if the composition is liquidy the dumplings will fall apart when hitting the hot soup and if the composition is a bit hard then the dumpling become really chewy and hard ... which ain't cool , so keep what i said just now in mind .
        Chop some parsley leave and place them on top and some fresh black pepper and you're done
Here is how it should look like :

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