duminică, 19 februarie 2012

Hitting the sack

Hey guys , me writing again ... really tired just got home , i had such a busy day and i can barely keep my eyes open ... and on top of that i got an exam tommorow morning and i haven't learned a thing ... Yeah i know ( way to go Lori) , well when i got home today with the intention of getting a good night's sleep a coleague just told me ... : Hey dude , we got an exam tommorow , I was like really how nice ... after having a bad day this was the cherry on top to persue the recepy for a nice shitty day ( sorry about the S word , like i said i'm really tired and a bit pissed ) , anyway guys i know i had to come up with the amazingly , yummy chickensoup but it will have to wait since my brain is on surgery at the moment ... and keep track on my latest posts since i'll make up with 2 recepies , like i said i got an objective and that is becoming a Restaurant 15 apprentice , and the next step would be , becoming a great chef .
 So i'll leave you guys for now , i'll just go hit the sack for about 2 hours , then i'll start to read a bit of the exam material and i'll hope the teacher shows mercy and passes me , although that won't happen , but it does happen in my dreams ( haha ) . Anyway have a good night all , i'll be off dreaming about the love of my life , which is a large chocolate cake with my name on it so i can hug it and eat it and hug it ..... oh woops 2 much information !
                                                                                                                                                Buh Bye all !

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