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Passion ... tasty and elegant as a good wine

What does '' a good wine '' mean ? , How does it taste? , Where does it come from ? ...... The answer does not matter , what matters is it's purpose , which is to attract us with it's aroma , delicacy and ellegance above all else ... i favor a good red wine , yet i haven't tasted one that would make me say '' this is it '' , when you drink a wine , you have to do it slowly and savor the moment , the aroma , the smell of the lovely grapes that were grown with love and care so that you may enjoy one moment of beauty and passion. This is the same with food , you have to inflict passion and ellegance into it , everything you do must come from the heart , and if that happens you shall be repaid with flavours that dance in your mouth .
 I believe a good wine , must be taken with a good proper food so that the flavours blend togheter and ultimately change your heart . A grumpy man or a woman is always conquered with flavour , and that is why i would enjoy a life like this . Pursuing my dream into becoming a great chef , a master of blending the flavours .
 I think my dear readers that in order to understand this you must stop , and try to think for a moment , why eat the same thing i ate yesterday or the day before or last week . Why not try something new , something that my pallet says '' oh wow what's that ?'' . Now you may say i don't have time for that , but new and good food does not mean always 2 or 3 hours of preparation , sometimes it takes 5 to 10 minutes.
 A good wine is simple and ellegant and so is food . Try to overcomplicate it with tons of different flavours and you'll just confuse your pallet , and end up not knowing what you eat anymore . It's always good to try and feel every product's taste to indicate whether is it fresh or not , to indicate it's delicacy and beauty . Good food is known for it's simplicity . Now i'm not saying keep it 2 simple and boring , but do not take something that it's not over the edge because you'll not only end up with confusion , but also with a bad taste in your mouth .
  Treat food with love and care and you shall receive the same aswell.
  Today i am not giving any recepies since i heard a person the other day , why don't you stop thinking about recepies all the time and enjoy the beauty of combining and blending your own food . If you treat the ingredients with the outmost respect than nothing can go wrong , try something u never have done before ... stop following the same old recepies , twist them a bitt and see does it appeal your taste or others taste , mark them as your own , originality ... try new things !
  I used to live in another part of Romania , Arad i still go from time to time there to visit my family , now i live in Cluj Napoca a city that is 275 km or so far from Arad  . Back when i was in highschool , the ideea of moving into another city to go to school was tough , i was not used to leaving home , and my family , but my mom told me ... '' go boy and follow your dreams , cause if you stay you'll always have me taking care of your duties , you have to leave in order to understand the world '' . Back then i did not quite understand what she meant since i was not good at college let alone taking care of myself in another city . So i finnaly left and arrived to this different city , which was far bigger than the one i was used to in ... people everywhere , students , the town really busy , it was different from the little town i was used in .
 Back then i didn't know how to peel a potato ( haha ) . But because my mom was not there anymore i had to learn how to do it .My first french fries ever made were burnt yet to me they tasted good since i made them ( haha ) . But in time i learned how to perfect it ... a lot of things were new to me and making friends was one of them ...but i was introduced to good people and they gave me a boost in life , meaning they solved my '' how to ''  problem in life . And i thank them eveyday for this , because the path i took now was thanks to them , God and mom .
 Now i know what my mom ment by following your dreams , and for me wasn't college , but something else that was on the same path . Now i am working hard every day to persue my own personal dream , and this is to be an apprentice in Jamie Oliver's Restaurant 15 , be part of the people that strive every day to persue and warm people's hearts with the power of good food , and become one day a great chef so i can repay my mom for the time and money she spent on me so i can have a better future and find my way in this world.
  I know she would have liked me to finish a good college , and persue a master degree ... , but you know i think she won't mind me persuing a different path ..... Living the proud life of a Chef !

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