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Poached egg

Oh well , here i am again guys , writing to you all and yes again at a late hour sorry about that but i was busy all day , yeah cooking mostly ... BUT i still got a recipe i promised to do so i'm gonna go through it after i take a sip of this fine and chilling rosemary tea with half a lemon and honey ( Delicious ) , Anyway let's take our hens back to our eggs , ... i mean heads :D .
 I said i will give you all a recipe for the poached egg. Well now you're wondering what is this guy talking about ... poached egg? wtf is that? .... Well dear readers poaching an egg means to gently boil it without it's shell ... basically you can't call it boil cause the water is rather simmering not boiling . So how do we start : you need for this recepy  the following ingredients :
- 1 egg ( you could use a lot more i just made one to show how it looks like , but you can make as many as u want )
- 1 tablespoon of vinegair
- 500 ml of water but that depends of the pot you're using basically you need half a pot covered with water
- proschiutto or any kind of ham you like
- 2 toasts
- cheese cream ( you could make your own like i did , or you could buy it from the supermarket )
So let me tell you how it's done first off you put the pot with the water on to the gas and let the water of a medium heat and let it simmer ( meaning the start of a boil but not boiling , when the water starts to pop bubbles and makes a simmering sounds , basically the water tells you when it simmers ) , okay so simmering water and put a tablespoon of White vinegair ( 1 tablespoon per egg ) and those simmer togheter and prepare a bowl with cold , icy water , and another with warm watter not hot but warm . When you got all these things ready , it's time we act and do the poached egg .Crack the egg into a little bowl first but be carefull not to break the yolk , cause if you break it then its's done , u can't poach it anymore . So simmering water , get a whisk and start whisking the water basically creating a water vortex , whisking the water it gives it a momentum so when you've whisked it fastly place the egg quickly in the direction the water goes ) if u whisked the water to the right place the egg on the right and if you did on the left then on the left) . Let that spin and as you cand see how the egg white coveres the egg yolk , because of the acidity from the white vinegair the egg white rejects it thus covering the egg yolk and the resulted form is more like a mozzarela ball .When the egg rises to the top of the water it means it's done and cooked , at this moment be ready with a spatula , take the egg out and quickly place it in the icy water bowl to cool it down and stop it from overcooking . After you've done that take the egg and place it in the warm water to warm it a bit so when you eat it it won't be stone cold but warm , just place it in the warm water for 10 secs , but just 10 secs risking more u'll end up with an overcooked poached egg . After that place it on top of a toast and just use the other ingredients to ornate the way you like it . place some salt on it also to be seasoned ( note:.. poached eggs are way better and tasty with a hollandaise sauce , ill give you the recepy for that some other day ; hollandaise sauce , toast and poached eggs = eggs benedict) . And you're basically done here's how it should look like :
         And how do you tell wheter it's overcooked or not ? When you cut into it the egg yolk should pour and have a yellowy smooth and creamy texture , like this:
                I am telling you once you had an egg like this you'll do it a hundred times , it's so tasty and different from making an omlette or fried or scrambled it just tastes  amazingly Delicious :D ...
         Anyway there is another way of doing this , mainly the '' Julia Child Way'' which is making a hole in the egg shell with a needle then place it in the simmering water for 40 seconds then place it in the simmering water with white vinegair again after you cracked it and no whisking needed just that , but i prefer the whisking method , looks more cool and the egg gets this mozzarela ball shape , honestly it's my favorite technique.
            So guys here is your poached egg , you can have it on toasts , salads or in sups to enrich the flavour , for example a brocolli creamy soup . Have fun doing it and don't worry it's not that hard just be more corageous in trying new things , and i'm telling you it's worth it
           Anyway i'll be offf to sleep again , tommorow another busy day so i won't be posting till tommorow night again ... so subsribe me , e-mail me if u want me to do a recipe you would like or probably if you know more i will be expecting hints , so i'll be writing dear readers tommorow night and coming with another  Delicious , beautifull , amazingly , tasty , yummy , warmy chicken soup !
         If you would like me to do another recipe perhaps a desert , a salad or maybe pasta or i don't know just send me an e-mail , a message or subscribe with the recepy you want me to do , and i'll have a go on it .
Untill then all  , have fun with the poached egg and again i'll be waiting for some commentsssssssssssss , these ssss are about to turn into ZzzzZ , tired peace out all , and have a lovely eggy night :D !

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