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Easy chocolate mousse

I virtually wave to you all dear readers , and sorry for the 2 days abssence , i was so busy , that the only thing i've experimented these 2 days was work , home , bed and press repeat button . Besides i don't know if you missed me or not , but i really missed this blog ... i know it's been only 2 days but still i enjoy writing to those who read and find some of the posts interesting .
I've got a smashing surprise for you all , i know Valentine's Day passed but still you don't need a holiday to get to say and express your true feelings about your loved one . This recipe is quite ellegant , and attractive . It's a chocolate desert ... , i believe chocolate is quite romantic , don't you? :D ... Anyway this recipe is called chocolate mousse .
 What does chocolate mousse mean ? ... Well the term mousse comes from the french word '' muis '' which means foam . So basically it's chocolate foam , .. , Delicious :D !!! So Let's get crackin' !
    What you need is :
- 200 g of dark chocolate 70% cocoa ( the secret to a good mousse stands in the chocolate , the chocolate has to taste delicious and lovely so that the mousse will be delicious and lovely ... for this recepy i advise you not to be cheap and get the best dark chocolate you can get , that is if you want an amazing result )
- 200 ml of heavy cream
- 5 eggs
- salt
- cocoa powder
- 50 g of caster sugar
- 50 g of butter
- berries
     Now we got the ingredients , we got our fine dark , lovely chocolate ( remember 70% cocoa ) , let's get started ... first off , break the chocolate into small pieces and put them in a bowl with 50 g of butter , a pinch of salt ( i know it sounds weird but the salt gives the chocolate that extra kick and brings the flavours up , it's really amazing ) over a pot with simmering watter and let it melt while stirring from time to time  . Sepparate the eggs into egg yolks and egg whites . Beat the yolks with 50 g of caster sugar until the sugar dizolves and it becomes smooth and silky . Whisk the egg whites with a tiny pinch of salt until it forms soft peaks , you can hold the bowl upside down , if they don't drop that means it's done .Whisk the heavy cream in a bowl in the figure of eight untill it's like a cream not too thick , not liquidy .
   At this point the chocolate must have melted , and now you should take the bowl with the chocolate off the pot , and let it cool off for a moment.Pour the egg yolks with 1 spoon of cocoa powder and mix them really well , then add the heavy cream . At this point you stop mixing and you should get  a spatula and carefully fold it around , and do not worry about the color just keep folding ,  it will come togheter soon .
   Finnaly add the egg whites and again carefully fold it , don't whisk it or mix it , fold it gently , it requires patience , attention and love ... just like a woman (haha) , add the berries on top and some mint leaves and shaved chocolate or just shaved chocolate the topping is up to you .... , i love to serv it with something nutty or berries , but that depends on you how you would like to serve it .
    And that's basically it , your chocolate mousse is done and ready to impress , i'm telling you if you make this , for any loved person they'll surerly be amazed and will definitely have a delicious experience ... trust me  this is the kick for a romantic evening ....  Thanks for reading my blog guys and have fun impressing your loved one :D
   I'll be waiting some subscribes or e-mails if you got your own recepies and you would like me to try them out or any other questions ...  anyway have a lovely night all , it's time for me to hit the sack so untill next time  !

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