miercuri, 18 iulie 2012

Back home from the farm , with a bag full of knowledge and goodies !

      Dear blogie , and readers of course , i was not able to write these days since i've been gone from home ... more specifically at a farm that produces milk . A friend of mine is the manager , boss , whatever you wanna call him there ... or probably you can call him the cowboy chief .

     It was an amazing experience , i've learned so much being just 5 days there , and probably in the future i'll go back again and learn even more about cows , producing milk and all .

     So many standards , and this guy's passion for cows and his farm is limitless , he is pretty much like myself with the cooking and we got along in just a matter of seconds . Personally i think this is the start of something great , a huge friendship and i also think there is something stored for the both of us , and surerly our paths will cross again in the world of great restaurants and farms .

      So basically i was there for a few days not just to learn about producing milk , cows but also advertising , and also to cook for them since they lacked behind all that hard work some good propper and healthy food .

    At first he told me his grandmother used to make all the meals for them , but unfortunately his gramma sucks in preparing food and it was extremly disgusting , bland and unedible . At first i thaught this was a joke since usually grammas make such good food sometimes even better than the ones you eat in our restaurants , it was really hard for me to believe she just couldn't cook untill one day ....

    It was about 8 o' clock in the morning his gramma woke up early chopped a chicken and wanted to make a chicken soup . After a while his mother came to me and said '' Please can you do something with this soup it's gross and unedible , and it's the same every sunday , is it possible to fix it ? ''

     In that moment i thaught about my mentor in the culinary world Dori and she always used to say '' Anything can be fixed in a kitchen , that's the beauty of being a chef , you can create and repair at the same time '' , so i got motivated ... gave a stroll in the garden , picked up a ton of herbs ... such as carrots , celery , parsley , onions , potatoes ... every good and fresh thing you can find ... at the end that soup turned out an amazing Yumminess ! It tasted so fresh and the room was full of lovely aromas from the vegetables ... it was pure art for me .

        The people from the farm ate it so fast and so passionate :)) that in just minutes there was nothing left .
        I felt more or less as Ratattouile , you know the little rat that went to Paris and became a chef ... haha i just love that movie one of my favorites , but anyway that was a great succes and mostly the days that came along where also full of different recepies , full of flavour and excitement .

  As a thank you my friend the cowboy , also helpped me in advertising and promoting myself , he kinda told me that i needed a logo to identify and separate myself from the other chefs , a logo that i will carry with me all the time .  And after hours and hours of work we came up with something and i hope you guys like it aswell .... I for one am extremly happy and pleassed with this logo .

Anyway here it is , hope you enjoyed my post , and yeah i know i promissed i would write about the bechamel sauce but i will get to that aswell later on .

Thank you guys again , and see you in my next post                    Have fun cooking  !

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