joi, 12 iulie 2012

Just another normal typical day

           Hey guys , i think this will probably the shortest post i've ever written but like i said i am not posting only recepies on this blog , but also usefull tips , informations and also notes on my whereabouts and my position on the culinary path .

         This will surerly be a short summer since i have a lot to do untill i reach the culinary school in Paris .
          I've started in going deeper and deeper in the french cuisine and patisery , but also into their language   which i find it really beautifull and amazing .

         It truly is a difficult language but it's worth giving it all in learning it , trust me  . I mean the sounds , the accent ... pure romance , i advise you dear readers to give it a try  .

        Anyway  talking about french , i am off doing my homework since in about 20 minutes i got french classes and i haven't done anything  , except watching the brioche dough rise on youtube .... that truly looked yummy .

So no more chit - chat , i'm off !

See you guys on my next post , which will probably be about the bechamel sauce , also known as the white sauce , and it is one of the mother sauces of French cuisine .                                

Bye Bye :D !

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