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An amazing way on how to prepare chicken breast !

   Hey guys , i am back again , i hope you are still reading my blog .... i have been quite busy these days so i barerly had time to breath let alone to write in my blogg .

  So now i just realized i got a glimpse of spare time and i thaught why not write for my dear readers , since i have a mega recipe i really want to share with you guys .

 First of all i am no longer in Cluj , yeah the city i went to university .... i kinda miss it since i was really used to it , it became more or less my home and the place i learnt how to become a proper man . The people there helped me a lot in the process and i thank them .

 This blog post is ment for my friends in Cluj and i since i respect them a lot , i think i was the luckiest person to get such friends and mentors in my life .... some people never get that lucky , but i did ... and they inspired me not only in becoming a man but persuing my dream no matter what .

 At first i thaught Jamie Oliver s culinary school was the choice for my future but aparently not ... i was sent in
the other side of the road and that is the culinary school in Paris called "Le Cordon Bleu" . Thing is i always was attracted to french cooking , theyr lovely wines , cheeses , patiserrie , cuisine it is pure love to me .

So this winter i am heading to the culinary school in Paris and at the moment i am in Arad and raising with each passing day money for my culinary path and once i get there i ll make sure i will be the best in what i do and make first of all myself proud . Food is everything to me and i think Paris will become my personal culinary playground .  Memory of Julia Child ... watch out Cause Here I Come !!!

      Anyway let us go back on track and get on with the recipe. I am telling you this recipe will blow your mind and once you have tried it  you will do it over and over again  , it really is a recipe you can rely on anytime you have a guest or someone you really want to impress . This recepy delivers that effect .

   The ingredients you need are : - 1 pack of chicken breast deboned and no skin
                                                 - 1 bunch of rosemary sticks
                                                 - 1 lemon
                                                 - parmesan
                                                 - some proschiutto crudo (2 packs , you can buy from the supermarket)
                                                 - pepper
                                                 - olive oil

 The first thing you need to do is obviously wash your hands . Then get the filetted breats and as you look at them you can see that they are not even the meat is somehow tick at another end and thinner at the other end .What you need to do is make them even before we even start in doing something with them .

  Use some cling film ( folie de plastic ) on a table and another cling film over the chicken breast and use something flat and heavy to pound the chicken breast , it is important to be flat since we do not want to bruise the chicken we just want to make it even a bit .

  After that take some rosemary sticks , take off the leaves and chop them finely . add them over the chicken breast , not much just a bit , then grate some parmesan it is important you grate enough parmesan to cover the whole chicken breast , then grate a bit of lemon zest ( not much just a tiny bit , trust me it will make a huge difference ) .

   Then just sprinkle some freshly ground pepper and cover with proschiutto ( it is important you cover the whole chicken breast so feel free to use 2 slices or 3 slices of proschiutto on one chicken breast as much as you need to cover the whole breast ) .

  Preheat the pan on a medium heat , then add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and place the chicken breast with the proschiutto upside down ( you need a lot of confidence in doing this , do not worry if you can not get this right on the first attempt i can assure you the second will be a succes ) . You need about 6 minutes cooking time per breast , 3 minutes on each side .

                  Just serve it with some mashed potatoes and some green salad , and if you want to take this to a whole new level just drizzle 2 3 drops of balsamic vinegar and trust me by doing that you will not regret it .

      This dish will save you over and over again when the time comes to either impress or crave a nice juice piece of chicken breast , no salt needed at all on the meat since the proschiutto and parmesan gives the chicken enough salt ... perfect seasoning  . !

                                  Have fun with this dish and good luck ! Remember confidence is the key to succes.
                                                                                                                             Bon Appetit

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