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Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries

              Dear readers , first of all i apologize for my abssence during this period , since i've been quite busy with school and all , got loads of trouble with the exams and well i'm trying to hang on mentally to this since for me it's kinda difficult because i lack total interest into this faculty .

I am not a quiter type i actually am a fighter and hard worker but every time i set foot into this university i feel strange as if i do not belong there . When i attend classes i feel strange again and always lost as if i shouldn't be there , i can't find my way through this university .

But i sure am relaxed i found my way in this world through cooking and restaurants , and even though i got sad news about my school performance i have really exciting news and super duper good news about my future in the culinary world .

I've received an important message from the culinary school in Paris called ''Le Cordon Bleu'' and they asked me to set a date for when i want to start this highly performant courses . And of course i would have wanted to tell them now , but i told them the 1st of september so i can get the money for the road to Paris and other needs  .
 To tell you the truth i can't wait , i am so excited and the thaught of it just fire drivens me , i really want to achieve greatness in the culinary world , i want to show people where passion can get you and a high amount of   hard work .

                                                     Anyway since it's kinda a late hour i decided to write this post i'll be   leaving  this conversation for another time and get on with the recepy i wanted to post :D .

  This recepy was kinda a request from a friend since he saw my home made dishes on facebook and so i decided to post it for him .

This is an improved chocolate mousse . It's silky , it's colorfull , it's full of flavour , romantic , it's chocolate !

So the ingredients you need are : - 200 g of dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)
                                - 300 g heavy cream , or liquid whipping cream ( Hulala )
                                                 - 50 g of butter
                                                 - 2 eggs
                                                 - salt
                                                 - 2 tablespoons of sugar
                                                 - 1 vanilla pod                                                                                                                      - 1 orange
                                                 - strawberries
                                                 - 50 g of dark chocolate for decorating (optional)
For this recepy you need 3 bowls

So let's get on with preparing it . First of all let's get melting the chocolate using the Bain Marie method which means water bath in french check for the method in my other chocolate dessert posts . So break the 200 g of chocolate into little pieces place them in a bowl and the bowl over a pot with simmering water be carefull the water doesen't touch the bowl and also add to the chocolate 50 g of butter and a pinch of salt .

You probably now think i'm crazy for telling you to add a bit of salt , i know it sounds weird but it actually brings the flavour of the chocolate out and makes it more chocolatier :D !

 As it melts keep styring it from time to time .
 Meanwhile in  another bowl add the heavy cream or liquid whipping cream and to it add 2 tablespoons of sugar , and the seeds of 1 vanilla pod or you could use vanilla extract instead just don't use that fake and cheap vanilla essence it's not good ! I made the mistake once of using it , and it was horrible , doesen't deliver the true flavour of the vanilla , so it's kinda a plastic ingredient for me ! .

Use a whisk and mix it untill it gets a bit thick , the right texture is thick but a bit runny also so it's still a bit liquid , more of a creamy texture .
Sepparate 2 eggs add the yolks to the cream and the whites in another bowl ( By the Way do not forget about your chocolate ) . Mix the egg yolks with the cream .

Add your chocolate at first slowly , meaning you add a spoon of chocolate into the cream , you gently fold it , and another spoon , and another ... it's crucial you add the chocolate step by step so the chocolate won't seize up and have a different texture than the one you expect it to have .

After you've done that whisk your egg whites untill fluffy ( you know they are whisked enough when you can hold them above your head and they do not fall ) . Gently fold the egg whites into the chocolate mixture and cream and set it in the frige for 30 to 40 minutes .

                   Serve it with some strawberries and some shaved chocolate . Chocolate mousse is quite romantic and a dessert fit for any type of person :D , and you can personalize it and make your own you can add a bit of bouzze if you're into the bit of the bouzze :D or maybe some liquers , anything you prefer

                                        Have fun making it and see you guys in my next post  ...   Bon Appetit !

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