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Romance and a refreshing dessert for a hot summer's day

   Good day to you dear readers , wait more like good evening since it's kinda late , i usually love writing at late hours , i don't know why it's something about the dark lovely night that gets me inspired . The shape of the moon like a huge cheese waiting for me to eat it :D .

        I've always thaught of the moon as a huge cheese on my plate next to some cherry tomatoes , some fried bacon , ooooohh and some toast yummm :D . The moon can be an inspiration to cooking as much as the sun .
      Think the best combination for a lovely romantic evening , chocolate , wine , meat , and a full moon and next to it as a garnish some lovely flashy stars .... sounds amazing.

     Tonight i want to describe you the perfect dessert fit for a perfect summer sunny day . I know i've been talking about the moon and stars , romance and after that i've just switched to the sun . Because for me the perfect romantic day was not held in summer but in winter on a full moon evening .

           It was last year , and i remember it perfectly ... the most perfect day of my life and i guess that was and is a huge source for my passion , what you experience in your heart and soul is what you and the others experience on the plate . Food in order to be tasty , beautifull and exciting needs passion and passion derives from love  , so the next time you feel you wanna go eat in a fast food restaurant or buy frozen food think again , remember your most romantic day and treat your stomach as you treat your partner on a date ... with love , care and excitement .

      Well anyway what i've experienced in the past was for me a major point , and it inspires me every day... i can freely say she inspires me every day even though she doesn't know it but thats the lovely thing about romance , it's all a mistery ...

              Summer has it's hot days and we passionate people need some refreshments and since we cannot call upon the '' Almighty Winter '' to come in our time of need , we can replace it with this refreshing dessert i'm about to share with you guys .

             Sooo ... Sorbets ! are exquisite , fancy , elegant , refreshing and look outstandingly beautifull ! I can go on forever in describing them , i just love a good sorbet it not only cleanses your palate but it energizes you on a hot summer's day .

   The first sorbet i'm about to  share with you is a lemon sorbet . Basically you need :
                             - 1 cup of sugar
                             - 1 cup of water
                             - 4 lemons
                             - (optional) mint for decorating

The preparation is quite easy so basically at first we need to make the syrup , so to a cup of sugar you need a cup of water . Bring it to the boil and leave it there for 3 minutes . Take it off the heat and put it in the fridge so when the syrup touches the lemon juice it won't go jamy .Squeeze the juice of 4 lemons in a bowl and add the zest of 1 lemon ( just the give it that extra lemony kick ) . Add the cold syrup to the lemon juice and put it in the freezer for about 40 minutes or untill it sets a bit at the top , you can tell by it's white colour like snow .
    Take it out and with a fork keep moving the composition , and by doing so you give air to the sorbet and it gets more creamy and much more fluffy ... it's amazing :D . Place it in the freezer again for another hour . I recommend doing this dessert a day in advance , so you make it today and serve it tommorow ... it's not necesary but it's best to do so ... it will be a lot tastier :D

 Here is another picture :

Pomegranate sorbet !!!

Another sorbet would be the pomegranate sorbet with sour cherry liquer . You do it exactly the same way only you use 2 pomegranates (rodii) , squeeze their juice out , add only half of the syrup as the sour cherry liquer is kinda sweet and also add a bit of lemon juice about half a lemon juice for a bit of a kick . (Keep some of the pomegranate seeds not all but some for a bit of crunch ) . Same way freezer 40 minutes , take it out , fork it , and again in the freezer .

        The lovely thing about sorbets is that you can personalize and make it your own , you can try all sorts of fruits for the sorbet and the ones that have no acid just use some lemon juice or experiment with different types of alcohol and find the suitable one for your sorbet .
    Be creative , be original , be yourself ... reflect your own personality in the dishes you make .

                                                                                                  Look at it , it has delicious written all over it :D

                                                   Bon Appetit guys and until next time ! :D

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