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Summer and strawberries , yum yum yum :D !

                                                     Come on over
                                         Down to the corner , my sister and my brothers
                                                     Of every different color  
                                         Don't you feel that sunshine telling you to hold tight
                                         Things will be alright try to find a better life
                                                      Come on over ....
 Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh babe , woops wait i'm writing in my blog , ok so sorry guys it's just a cool funky song , you can check it it kinda lifts your spirit up ... anywayyy where was i ... ah yes , i'm sorry about my abssence but i was really busy in this period.
                    I've got Loads of good and fresh news for you my dear readers ... And first of all loads of new recepies , with a touch of summer and news about my departure to London !!! So these days if i'm lucky and got enough spare time i'll keep writing so keep your eyes peeled for any new posts :D
                                     Besides having my time occupied with school and all these days i've been experimenting loads of new stuff especially on Easter when i ate my first lamb , oh and of course pig's tongue which i never knew it could be such a delicacy if you know how to prepare it .... altough it kinda lacked ellegance and it looked kinda weird ... the taste was there yet the looks i mean i had to chop it really finely in order to eat since it's shape was kinda disturbing :)) .
                      I've had loads of fun going on a barbeq with my father and i learned pretty much how to set a barbeq fire and how to control it , he's pretty wicked on Barbeq knowledge and if was fun and interesting to cook side by side with my old man :D . I've learned that one of the best barbeqs can also be achieved with simplicity .
              Meaning you don't need sophisticated ingredients , or loads of them ... keep it simple and tasty .
              Passion evolves from simplicity and elevates you to high scales , so in order to be a great chef you need to appreciate the simple things in cooking aswell in life.

            Another place i went to was my grandmother's place , and there i was inspired again by well... of course ... Her Magnificent Garden ! I mean loads of vegetables , and fruits waiting for me to pick them up , so i was mega inspired in salads aswell , i can't wait to share those recepies with you guys .
          My gramma told me something i will never forget ... she said ''Pour man's food is the best food you can get '' , and i asked her why and she said '' Well pour people usually appreciate every ingredient aside and learn how to work with simple stuff , it's a good way to start from here in becoming a great chef '' .

        Words of inspiration , ingredients waiting for me to use them , what more do you want now i'm even more fired up to persue my dream into becoming a great chef ! Learn not only to eat food but to grow it aswell and only then you'll understand and become as passionate as i am in food ... it doesen't sound that difficult does it , like Jamie Oliver says '' Anyone can cook '' .

                 So i'll be sharing these days with you guys some of my experiences aswell as recepies and
new spices i've tried and loved .... but for now i'll just give you guys some recepies for amazing strawberry deserts ... a strawberry tart and strawberry foam , both easy to do aswell as amazingly tasty.

         Let's start with Strawberry Foam !

         What you need for this recepy is :  - 500 g of strawberries
                                                              - 4 egg whites
                                                              - 150 g of sugar
                                                              - a pinch of salt
                                                              - mint (optional) for decorating and usage in the foam
      So easy peasy tuck all those ingredients in a bowl and start mixing them slowly at the beggining then as it tickens start mixing faster , if you do not have a mixer or a blender like i don't scrunch the strawberries with your hands with the sugar and salt before adding your egg whites and use a wisk to mix them all ( of course it takes much more than by using a mixer or a blender ) .
         When the whites with the strawberries are whisked enough , which means you cand hold them above your head , place them in the fridge for 30 minutes or you can it straight away depends on your patience :D

   Thats all :D , here is a picture to go with the recepy  !

Another recepy i've made and i think it's quite amazing and a favorite of the girls :D it's a vanilla strawberry tart !

    Recepy is simple and amazingly tasty .
     Vanilla Strawberry tart !
      The ingredients you need are  : - 300 g of strawberries
                                                     - 5 eggs
                                                     - 400 ml of cream
                                                     - 300 ml of milk
                                                     - 1 and a half tablespoon of flour
                                                     - 200 g of sugar
                                                     - 1 vanilla pod
    Aand as for the dough you can find the recepy in the previous post with the chocolate tart it's a shortcrust dough recepy .

      So first of all let's make the dough . In a bowl mix all the ingredients and keep needing untill it forms a dough ' then wrap it in cling film so it doesn't dry out and form a crust ( if it does trust me you'll never be able to roll it ) , place it in the fridge for 20 minutes .

     In the meantime let's start making the vanilla curd ( this is a french classic vanilla curd recepy , quite simple and amazing yet it's preperation is a bit confusing ) .. Hot pan in with the cream and milk , bring it up to the boil and set it asside .

   In a separate bowl separate the egg yolks from the egg whites ,  with 150 of sugar whisk them well untill fluffy and pale then add 1 and a half tablespoon of white flour , mix them well , cut the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds out and mix them in with the egg yolks , sugar and flour ( keep the sticks for vanilla sugar ) , and add the milk and cream at a time so it doesen't form any lumps .

            After you've done that   pour the mixture again in the pan you've placed the milk and cream at the first time , and whisk vigorously until the mixture tickens up ... by the way if your afraid you'll burn the mixture you can do it on a water bath ( bain marie ) check it on the previous post with the chocolate tart or the third post with the lemon tartlets .

      When it tickens set it asside to cool a bit and in the meantime whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt and 50 g of sugar   and add it to the vanilla cream mixture . Fold it throughly and evenly and that's about it . Cover it with a cling film and let it chill for the moment.

    Next take your pastry dough out of the fridge roll it out place it in the tart shell , poke it with a fork so it won't rise up and shrink and cover it with tinfoil and beans and fully bake it at 180 degrees Celcius for about 20 minutes or untill fully cooked .

   Take it out of the oven when it's done , fill it with the cream and cut the strawberries lenghtways and place them on top of the cream and put it in the fridge for another 10 minutes and you're done .
                                                                                                      Easy peasy , there you have it
                                                                                                      two amazing and easy strawberry
                                                                                                      recepies , for a nice summer day

Above are some photos with the tart , you can arrange the strawberries your own way , it doesen't have to look like mine , style it and make it your own , just use your creativity :D            

Bon Appetit guys ! :D


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