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Mille Feuille with summer berries and lemon curd

            I am telling you guys this recipe will blow you away ..... full of sunshine flavours , the moment you take the first bite you taste summer ... an amazing recipe fit for a King  !

  Before i go on and give you the recipe i want you to know a bit about mille feuille .

 Basically mille feuille means " a thousand layers" , it is one of the french classics as it dates back from the 19th century . You can also find it in the cookbooks and internet as "Napoleon" ( do not ask me why it is called napoleon aswell but i promise the next time i make another one i'll be sure to find out ) . Basically the classic recipe uses a vanilla custard in the middle and topped with icing sugar , caramel or chocolate glaze and the dough is either puff pastry or fillo pastry .

   This dessert is light , crunchy ....  a really elegant and fast desert to make . The nicest thing about this desert you can style it in so many ways you can't imagine .

   The way i've chosen to style it this time is with fresh berries and lemon curd , which i think is a good ideea since we require something fresh during this hot summer days . And men trust me the ladies will go ''MAD'' for this one .

     So the ingredients that you need calculated for about 4 persons are :

                      - 3 eggs
                      - 2 lemons
                      -  200 g of normal sugar
                      -  160 g of unsaltted butter
                      - 300 gr of raspberries , 300 g of blueberries , 300 g of red currants (coacaze rosii ) ,
                                                              you can also add strawberries aswell if you find any ,
                                                              unfortunatelly i didn't.
                      - 1 package of fillo pastry ( you can buy from the supermarket , or you can make it yourself
                                                                up to you , personally i think it's best to buy it since it takes a lot
                                                                 of time to make it yourself , and it's kinda the same result , but
                                                                 do as you wish :D )
                      - icing sugar

Before i start in telling you how to make it i will show you how the classic mille feuille looks like and after that i'll  go on with the recipe and at the end give you some pictures with a different version of a mille feuille but the ideea of it is the same , it's roots are there  ! :D


Here is the classical made with a vanilla custard and on top a chocolate glaze .
      Now back to my version  .   First off let's wash those dirty hands  , get your pan ready , your pot and of courses your washed and dried fruit .

      Let's first of all make the lemon curd . In a pot add 2 eggs , 200 g of sugar , the zest of 1 lemon , the juice of 2 lemons and 60 g of butter (taste it and see if it needs more sugar , if it does add more if not then go with it )  . place the pot on a low heat and keep whisking until the mixture thickens .

      When it did pass the lemon curd through a sieve , cover it with cling film (folie de plastic) , and put it in the fridge untill it cools down completly .

     Next take the fillo pastry , beat 1 egg and brush 1 sheet of fillo pastry with the egg wash and add another sheet of fillo pastry over it brush it again with egg wash and add another fillo pastry over it .

    Use a round cutter or glass to cut your pastry .
    Dust a plate with icing sugar and place your cut fillo pastry on it and dust icing sugar on top of them aswell.
    Next in a sauce pan melt the 100 g of butter on a very low heat untill it forms a foam on top . Let it cool down and take the foam out with a spoon ( this process is also known as clariffying the butter , which means taking the water and the  fat out of the butter , so the butter does not reach high temperatures that fast and does not burn that easy  ) .

   Pour the clarrified butter in a pan on a medium heat and when the butter is hot add the cut pastries .
   It literally takes seconds on each side to cook , up to 8 , 10 seconds .
   Place your cooked pastry either on a wooden chopping boards ( just not on a napkin it will stick ) .
   Take your lemon curd out of the fridge and as you can see it thickened even more ( a real yummies from the pastry world ) .

   Add a bit of lemon curd on the plate , and place the first sheet of pastry on it so it won't move .
   Then add some berries on the pastry sheet and top them with lemon curd.
   Add the second pastry sheet and top it with lemon curd , add berries on it then lemon curd on the berries.
   Add the third pastry sheet and top it with icing sugar .

   Add some additional berries on the plate for decorating and top them with icing sugar .
                                                   And that's it , a nice fresh summer version of mille feuille :

   Enjoy guys and girls :D

   Bon Apettit !

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