duminică, 12 august 2012

Life at the farm ! :D

           Dear readers , please pardon my absence throughout this month , since i've been away , busy helping my friend at the farm and had no internet service during this period .

    This weeks that i spent there were quite spectacular , with its ups and downs .
    I've learnt so much about cows , milking , and also the difference beetween cows that are raised specially for their meat and cows raised specially for producing milk . You can't imagine how diverse they are , it's kinda the same as cocoa beans or wine , or coffee !

    After what i've been thru , i've seen that leading a farm is challenging , nonetheless it requires all your available time . The fact that my friend at the age of 22 runs it with such passion , dignity and pride it only marked me as an aspiring chef to be the same as he is and one day run a restaurant and kitchen of my own as he runs his farm .

   Of course there were a lot of special moments . I've seen ill cows being treated and sometimes we were summoned at late hours to treat them .

  Just to make things clear to you the cows are being fed well , treated with respect and because of that theyr
reward is so priceless you just can't regret spending all of your time in treating them good .

So this is the farm

And down here is the milking room  :

    The place is well equipped with every neccesary tool you need , and everything is arranged according to E.U. standards .

   Honestly i've never seen such pure , warm , dense , white milk in all my life . It is trully divine , and the taste is out of this world .

  The next few days i want to use this milk in creating amazing desserts and all sorts of refreshing drinks for these hot summer days .

It's a lovely place to be and learn a thing or two about responsabillity !

So guys untill my next post which will be about Barbecuing !             Au revoir ! :D

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