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My mom’s amazing tomato soup with a little twist of my own

I don’t know where to start from…. In fact i kinda do !

I just love a good tomato soup on a sunny day . Vibrant colors , amazing earthy flavours , light and once you start making it the flavours will pop and the entire room will smell of fresh sunny days .

This recepy is so easy , fast and once you get the hang of it you will do it over and over again , it’s amazing and you don’t need fancy ingredients , expensive oils , herbs or spices .

You just need a bit of love , care , passion and just some few ingredients I’m about to write them down , after of course I run you guys through some lovely experiences I’ve had … YES , you are right …  , at the farm !

After the post about the barbeq I’ve had loads of new experiences here , besides cookin’ all day on a barbeq grill , I’ve had the blessing and luck to assist at the birth of a viel !

It was amazing , to pull life out of something , it felt weird but in a good way ! And of course after a hard day’s work I had to make something fast , light and of course appealing to the eye .

 And as I sat on a pile of straws and looked at the sun I got inspired and I thaught why not make a tomato soup …. And the best one there is , I can proudly say my mom’s !

It is so tasy and appealing to the eye … I can proudly say it looks romantic and it trully infuses you with a warmth in your hearth you’ve never felt before .

Ok so enough with the chit chat let’s get on with the recepy !
Here are the ingredients you need for this recepy : For 4 servings !

  • 1 and a half L of tomato juice ( and 1 L of water )
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 big yellow onion or 2 small ones
  • 1 bunch of lovage
  • 1 bunch of dill
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Salt
  • A mix of green pepper and black pepper seeds
  • 4 eggs

So let’s get on with the preps for the soup . As I told you this recepy is fast and easy and should take 30 min max to make it .
Get a pot and pour the tomato juice with the water in it .
Wash the red pepper , peel the onion and wash it aswell … we don’t want dirt in our soup then cut them both in half and add them with the juice in the pot . Oh and by the way keep the seeds and all the bitts … that’s how my mom does and it truly makes a difference in it’s taste .

Add some salt not 2 much though … and the 2 tablespoons of sugar and in a pestle and mortar crush the pepper seeds and add them aswell . Bring the soup to the boil and leave it that way for 20 to 30 minutes max … depending how powerfull your stove flame is !

When it is almost finished crack 4 eggs and drop them in the soup while it  is boilling … leave them for about 5 minutes . Due to the acidity from the tomato juice the egg white wraps the egg yolk and its shape is kinda like a mozzarela ball , real appetizing and it looks elegant !

Finnaly season the soup with salt or sugar if it needs more … I repeat to your prefference , and taste of course … season only if neccesary … 2 much seasoning cuts the flavours and It will just taste of nothing !

And when it’s serving time I just add the special mix !
Chop some fresh lovage and dill mix them togheter while you chop them and they realease amazing earthy flavours , and 1 egg ( it is amazing , melts in your mouth ) it just crowds your mouth with romantism and lightness , warms your heart and it also get’s you out of depressive status .

A perfect soup fir for a romantic evening , with the person you care at your side enjoying the fruits of your labour and to give it that extra Kick hit it lightly with some extra virgin olive oil and you take the soup to a whole different level .

So take your loved one or any other person you love or care for and hit them hard with this amazing soup … I am telling you it trully gives you that extra kick you need in every aspect :D !

So good luck , and give it a go it’s so easy and light you just can’t believe !
Untill my next post guys , as the french proudly say !

Bon Appetit !

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