joi, 30 august 2012

Classic , elegant music …. Just screams out Let’s Cook !

          Dear bloggie readers , I did not mention this but I am a lover of classic  music , elegant  types , just brings out the passion of cooking in me :D …. Plus it’s fun and let me tell you this it trully works .

Just let yourself carried away by the sounds , and let your imagination do the job for you .

Try this one day … go to the market , buy yourself some herbs , some vegetables , any protein ( meat ) , turn on your music and let yourself embraced by the sound waves and the ingredients in front of you .

Ideeas in the kitchen in my opinnion come from the heart , what you feel is what you cook , that is why I consider that cooking Is the art of expressing yourself .

You should be having fun , and freedom of all bad thoughts is neccesary otherwise you will never be sattisfied with your work .

I’m gonna give you guys a few links of what I usually listen when I do ‘’ my thing ‘’ in the kitchen and I find it helpful and fun :D but you can select your own list of songs … this I repeat is  to my prefference and style!

So here are a few links to one of my favorite artists ... Kenny G : 

Maybe you guys will find yourselves in this style and will give an aid to your culinary imagination …

We do not lack ingredients my friends we just lack the spices of our imagination .

So infuse your heart and soul with wonderfull sounds and release them in your cooking .

Trust me you won’t regret doing so !

Have fun all , and untill my next post I hope you guys find your soundwaves for the little chef that resides in all of you :D … Feed him with elegance and style as you feed yourself with good and proper food and who knows maybe he will grow in you someday as it happened to me  !

Au revoir ! :D 

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