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Sweet and Ellegant , a classic ... Floating Island !

                 Hello my dear readers , after such a long time .... i am deeply sorry about my abssence ... but these days have been fully loaded with everything . To emotions , to hard work , to everything  !

           As my problems continue and yet i am still delaying my journey to Paris and yes i am sad about this , but my passion keeps me up and going as i follow my dreams with pride and patience .

          I remember long ago when i watched the movie called Rattatouile and i remember that little chef ( the rat ) , who even though knows his position and he knows it's quite impossible for him to reach what he wants and fulfill his dreams , he pushes forward with pride dignity and patience .

        And that inspired me as a little person amongst the giants of this world to fight my way to them and one day be proud of my hard work and what i achieved . As each day passes by me my knowledge for food gets stronger and stronger .

        I am not satisffied with my current position but i am proud i have a goal in my life and i believe that people who find their purpouse in life are the ones who are rich because of the flame and desire that burns inside them to achieve their dreams  !

       I am proud of my passion and i am proud i have followed this road as a culinary artist !

      Well enough with the chit chat lets get on with this recipe and let me explain it to you !

       This is a classic dessert and  it's simple , ellegant and quite easy to make and not to mention it looks and tastes divine !

 Let's start with the ingredients you need to perform this desert :

 for the creme anglaise

   - 500 ml of milk
    - 525 ml of heavy cream
    - 8 egg yolks
    - 4 tablespoons of sugar
    - 1 vanilla pod

for the mirangue :

     - 300 ml of milk
     - the egg whites from the eggs
     - salt
     - 1 lemon and it's zest
     - 1 orange
     - 3 tablespoons of sugar

for the decorative part i used some sugar caramelized it and made some sort of  caramel strings !

Anyways the first thing you need to do is to make the creme anglaise . This is a classic cream , ii's quite easy to make but it get's nasty if you do not follow my guidance because it can curdle easy so if you follow my guidance you'll be alright and everyone happy for serving your special dessert !

 Seperate the egg yolks from the egg whites . Add to the egg yolks 4 tablespoons of sugar !

 In a pot add 500 ml of milk and 525 ml of heavy cream and scrape the vanilla sods of the pod and add the pod aswell . Place it on a low heat and let it come to a simmer . Meanwhile beat the egg yolks an the sugar togheter until it becomes like a runny mayonaisse and the yolks go pale ( use a mixer if you can't with a whisk )  .

  Add the warm milk and cream step by step to the egg yolks  and keep mixing while pouring .
  Add then the whole composition back to the pot where you brought the milk and cream to a simmer then leave it on a low heat while stirring until it thickens !  ( put a spoon in the cream and drag your finger on the back of the spoon and if the cream does not fall over that drag then it is the right consistency )

   When it's done pass it through a sieve , cover it with cling film paper and leave it to chill !
    Meanwhile let's get the mirangue ready which is quite easy . Beat the egg whites  with a pinch of salt some lemon juice untill they are stiff and fluffy then add 3 tablespoons of  sugar the zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange and beat them again untill the sugar disolves ( place 1 finger in the mirangue and rubb it with another and if you can't sense any sugar crystalls then this baby is ready ! )

    Put the 300 ml of milk on a simmer  in a pot and gently put spoons of mirangue in there and turn it sideways it takes seconds to cook . ( they should be fluffy and quite stiff ) .

 Place them on a clean plate with some napkins so it soaks all the liquid ,

Finnaly let's make the caramel strings which is quite easy .!
First off making the caramel .... Sugar in a pot or a pan on a medium heat :

Keep stirring !

It kinda looks lumpy at the beggining but don't worry it will come togheter soon !
Still looks a bit lumpy but keep stiring the right colour of the caramel is this one :

   This is perfect !
   After you've reached this colour let it chill for a moment untill it reaches 170 degrees celcius ! ( check that using  a spoon and if it pours in drops it's still not chilled enough if it leaves a long  drag then it is ready )

        Place a grease proof paper and with a spoon from up high pour caramel as it reaches down it solidifies quickly and it gets quite elastic .  Shape it using your hand untill it forms a ball of strings !

                                                                                                         And yes it's that simple !

   Here it is how it looks when it is done !


                              Divine , sweet and ellegant ... take that  !          Hope you enjoy making this one and have fun :D  !

       Oh by the way if the cream starts to curdle by any chance , then quickly pass it through a sieve and add  2 tablepoons of cold water to it , stir quickly and leave it to rest !

  Thanks  again guys and i am sorry again about my delayed posts but  like i said i've been terribly busy in this period but i will do my best to post more often ,
                                                               So enough with the chit chat   ,,,,     Bon Appetit !  :D

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