duminică, 10 martie 2013

Being ''Extreme'' is same as being ''Passionate'' ?

          That is the question for today are those 2 words the same ? Do they have the same attributes , the same results .

       Personaly i think they are the same . I think so because  the moment you receive this gift ... called ''Passion'' you involuntarely become ''Extreme'' , because you start using your brain and heart at the same time .

   Logic and Soul become one ... thus you become extreme and your desires are increased . Passionate people have a burning for perfection , for being the best in what they do . They do not tolerate second place , they do not tolerate impossibility .

   We passionate people live each day using 100% of our heart and by doing so we achieve things that to some seem impossible . We are true fighters , we evolve and as time passes by we become one with our dreams .

        My ''Passion'' was a gift from God . Given to me at the right moment and time , and i've grabbed it like a dog grabbes a bone and i've sticked to it and i will stick to it for as long as i'll live .

       The desire and the flame that burns inside of me is so amazing that no feeling in this world can achieve this level nor satisfy me .

      This question is adressed to you dear readers and you can comment , email me on lorin_cc@yahoo.com !
     Is being extreme same as passionate ? think about it and type me your answer !

      So as i said i am a passionate person and i am extreme :    

                                                                                                   First place or None !

     Untill next time all ...                Au revoir !

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