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Summer ! ... A Special Strawberry Sorbet !

             Hey dear readers , due to my long abssence yet again i deeply apologize and hope you guys can forgive me , but i was so stressed out with my new job and all the changes in my life ... and yes i know this isn't an excuse and that is why i hope you will pardon my quite long abssence and i promise i will give my best to try and write more !

           So enough with the chit chat let's get down to more important matters such as this recipe i'm about to give you guys !
           It's an amazing dessert , fresh and frosty , just perfect for a hot summer's day .
           I always equip my freezer with this kind of desserts on hot days . Who knows who's ringing at my door and best to be prepared at any time , any day and this dessert will last youj for some days and does not require 2 much fuss to make it !

          By the way as the title says : '' Special Strawberry Sorbet'' : and yeah it's special because it is not made with a normal sugar syrup , but with brown sugar syrup wich gives it that extra flavour .

  So the ingredients for this dessert are :

- 700 g of fresh strawberries
- 1 cup of brown icing sugar  ( 200 g )  ( zahar brun pudra , nu cristale )
- 1 cup of cold water   ( 200 )
- fresh mint for garnishing !

  1; Wash the fresh strawberries , and dry them with a napkin
  2 . Add in a pot 1 cup of brown icing sugar , and 1 cup of cold water and mix them up , and bring them to a boil and leave them for 2 3 minutes or untill they reach a syrup consistency , then leave it aside to chill .
    We don't want to add the hot syrup to the strawberries because the dessert will go jammy !
  3. Add the straberries in a food processor and piuree them ! ( if you don't have a food processor just crush them with a fork or mixer ) .
   4. Add the syrup to the strawberry piuree and pour it in a tray !
   5. Mix well and place them in the freezer for 1 hour or 1 hour and a half untill it freezes well .
   6 . Take the mixture out of the freezer and with a fork mix it well to break the ice crystals and make it creamy and soft !
  7. Place it back for 20 more minutes in the freezer and you're done .

 Happy Days guys , now you know how to make a strawberry sorbet ! Yeyy and you can do that with other more fruits such as raspberries , blueberries , blackberries or lemon or lime and basil combo .or i don't know whatever combo !

 The important thing is to try it , have fun and if you follow these simple steps it's easy peasy .

 Cheers guys and Bon Appetit !                      

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