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A Lovely and Warm Chicken Soup on a Cold Winter's Day !

               Brrrrrrr .... Gezas it's so cold these days . Getting out for a walk anywhere , any place ain't so appealing , ... but what gets me going through these cold days is my mom's classic and warm chicken soup !

              I've had numerous of chicken soup recipes , done in so many ways ... but none compare to my mom's oldschool and classic recipe !
             This chicken soup recipe is light , aromatic , and boy it's just divine ... it's a cure for a flue or a bad day ... it just lifts you up and get's you going !
              I've also wrote this post for my step sister  who has trouble making a good chicken soup and i thought since she reads my blog just to give her an ideea on how to get things going .
      The ingredients you need for this soup are :
                     - 2 carrots
                     - 1 parsnip
                     - 5 celery sticks
                     - 1 onion
                     - 1 potatoe
                     - 1 bunch of fresh parsley
                     - 1 chicken carcass
                     -  salt , pepper

        For the semolina quenells :
                     - 1 egg
                     - a pinch of salt
                     - 2 tablespoons of semolina
               It's quite easy you start off in a big pot , add the chicken carcass , peel the vegetables wash them and add them to the pot aswell . Cut the parsley ends which are a bit tough and place them in the pot aswell with some leaves aswell ( people usually throw the parsley ends , but they are really usefull in soups due to the fact they are quite aromatic ) . Season with salt and freshly ground pepper !

            Add cold water , and place the soup on the stove and bring it to a boil .
            Once it boils , turn the heat down a bit and let it do it's job for about 40 to 50 minutes .

           In the meantime the soup realeases some impurities and you have to get them out with a spoon otherwise your soup won't be clear but cloudy .
            Once it's done pass it through a sieve in another pot !
             Let it simmer and let's make the semolina quenells .
            Seperate 1 egg . Beat the egg white with a bit of salt untill it's fluffy and won't fall if you turn over the bowl . Incorporate the egg yolk gently so you won't break the air from the egg white . Add 2 tablespoons of semolina or more if needed . Consistency of the quenell must not be too hard or too soft . If it is too soft it will crack , split , if it's too hard it will be chewy .
            Using a spoon , form the quenells and put them in the soup . Cover them with a lid for 5 minutes to 8 . Then my mom uses a technique to make them fluffier by adding a bit of cold water over them while they cook .
           Serve the soup with  1 quenell , a bit of carrot , freshly chopped parsley leaves and freshly ground black pepper !

     Yummy and it just warm's your day .... I Love It !!! :D

       P.S. I hope this will actually solve my sister's boyfriend's  chicken soup problem in the near future ! :)):D !
      Say NO  to canned and tasteless chicken soup and a big warm YES  to freshly home made chicken soup baby .

   So guys i'll be seeing you all on my next post .. got a little dessert for you guys and of course it's a classic !

                                   So untill next time ... Bon Appetit ! :D

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